What Can I Do?

Attend local meetings (city council, school district, Brazoria County Commissioners meetings, etc.) and report to our group so that we can get the word out what our officials are doing (good or bad).  Before we can change anything, we must know what is going on.

Volunteer in any capacity for any amount of time that you have available.  If you want to help us with anything, we’re happy to have your assistance!

8 responses to “What Can I Do?

  1. I want to help. Contact me please.

  2. Valerie Andersen

    I am interested in volunteering. Please contact me.

    • Valerie, I just saw this comment. I sent you guys an email a few days ago, to your husbands email. Let me know if you saw it. Tonight is the US Senate Town Hall in Lake Jackson. If you guys can make it I’ll see you there. If not I’m having a gettogether in a week or so for others who have asked to get involved. See you soon. I hope you are getting our emails from pearlandteaparty@gmail.com Suezette

  3. Robert & Nelda Allen

    I am able to volunteer occasionally and get the word out..I will monitor the Pearland City Council & BrazoriaMUD23…What else can I do???

  4. My wife & I live in Pearland and would like to get involved (join, sign up, volunteer) with our local Tea Party. How can we help?

  5. Larry Collins

    I am a member of the Montgomery County Tea Party, however, becoming a Pearland Tea Party member makes more sense logistically. I would like to get involved…how can I help?

    • Hi Larry,

      Join our Pearland TEA Party Group where we post a lot of info. We meet the second Tuesdays of the month at Big Horn BBQ at 6:30pm. We will post our meetings and other events on this webpage. Hope to see you soon.

      Pearland TEA Party

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