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Perhaps the Last Chance for the Republic


Over the course of the last sessions of The 5000 Year Leap we never made it to Principle 19 but based on the continued course of events it is worth a review now. One of the most heavily debated topics during the founding of this Republic was just how much power to cede to the Federal Government. The Founders originally despised a central government so much that the Articles of Confederation created such a weak Federal Government that it eventually became unworkable.
We are now in the midst of what the Founders feared most of all. That eventually the power would centralize so much in Washington, D.C. that the system would begin to slide into tyranny. Each passing day brings news that this is in fact the case. Whether it is by EPA Regulations or Executive Order, the corruption and extinction of the rule of law have led the Federal Government to perform acts as bad as or worse than when the Founders wrote the Declaration of Independence against the abuses of England. There is however one last escape route to restore our Republic. A return to Principle 19 of Limiting the Federal Government through the use of the Tenth Amendment and States Rights.
The words to the Tenth Amendment are short but powerful in meaning:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
I had originally glanced passed this but with the publishing of Mark Levin’s new book The Liberty Amendments, I started looking into this more.

Washington, D.C. has proven time and again it has become the ‘fire’ that President Washington warned of. No matter what the people try to enact on Washington the forces have become so entrenched that controlling them becomes like squeezing jello. The last chance now is to try and bring the fight more local. Push the state legislatures to take back their rightful control and put the Federal government back in its box.
Texas has elected one United States Senator that now leads the nation in what a Senator should be doing for his constituents but it now has a chance to elect one that could lead us back to our rightful heritage in relation to States Rights. I have had the pleasure of listening to Dwayne Stovall ( ) on a couple of occasions and he offers the TEA Party the opportunity to put its actions in alignment with its convictions. Each time I hear him speak he advocates one primary thing; returning the Senate to the control of the State Legislatures. That is a key piece of the puzzle to restoring the Tenth Amendment. Imagine if to stop legislation in Washington you can contact your State Representative and State Senator to put pressure on our United States Senator to kill the bill. This is the idea behind Strong Local Self Government.
My efforts going forward will be focused on opportunities to re-establish the Sovereignty of the Great State of Texas and I encourage everyone to do their own investigation into this avenue as well. Along with that take the chance to listen to Dwayne Stovall and I think it will provide new hope back into a long and tedious battle to restore our liberties!

Jim Logan
Pearland TEA Party


Tyranny in Brazoria County, Texas: Alvin TEA Party speaks on the Michael Berry Show in Houston, Texas

Tyranny in Brazoria County: Alvin TEA Party on with Heidi Thiess

Sue and Royce

South American Marxism Alive and Well in the United States

What do the following individuals all have in common?


Juan Velasco Alvarado


Hugo Chavez

Gustavo Gutiérrez

Barack Obama

Give up? They are all products of Marxism mixed with what is today termed as Liberation Theology. How do I know? I was born and raised in Lima, Peru and experienced first-hand the effects of those ideologies put into action. The first picture is Velasco Alvarado. He was a Peruvian general who seized power in Peru from 1968 to 1975.

He seized power in what he termed an attempt to bring Justice to the poor. In essence he believed that the ruling class was benefiting at the expense of the indigenous poor in Peru. He enacted what he termed Agrarian Reforms in an attempt to correct this wrong. What is it that he really did? He was a Marxist hiding behind the façade of helping the poor. He flouted the Constitution and the rule of law. He took private property, haciendas(farms), and gave them to his political cronies. During his disastrous rule a young Hugo Chavez visited him and took away a small ‘playbook’ for revolution which he carried with him back to Venezuela where he eventually carried out his own disastrous Marxist revolution. By the end of Alvarado’s dictatorship Peru had fallen from the number one exporter of Sugar Cane, dried fish powder and several other products in the world to rationing food to its own people. Inflation had hit 5000%. People would stand in line for hours to spend their paycheck on food because the day after they got paid their money would be worthless. Foreign investors and companies had fled Peru due to Nationalization.

At the same time Alvarado was implementing his Marxist ideology a Catholic Priest named Gustavo Gutierrez was writing what is now called the Introduction to Liberation Theology. What was that you might ask? Well it is in its simplest form using Religion to Justify Wealth Redistribution to the poor. Marxism masked by Religious misinterpretation. Gutierrez advocated that Western culture had profited at the expense of the indigenous populations and it was the responsibility of the Church and the Government to correct this Injustice.
So how you ask does this impact the United States? Well quite simply. The Priest Gutierrez’s influence has been widespread and continues under the radar screen to this day. Three primary areas of note:

First, from Liberation Theology sprang ‘Black’ Liberation Theology. In essence the twisting of this religious doctrine that advocates that the white European descendants unjustly profited at the expense of the Black Race. From the pulpit the advocates of this perversion of religion advocate that the government and religious institutions should redistribute that Unjust Wealth back to the Black Race. This was the primary belief of none other than Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s pastor for 20 years.

Second, from the indoctrination of Obama into this you now see Liberation Theology being played out by the US government in basically every policy decision they make. Whether it is domestic or international Barack Obama approaches every decision from a reference point of Liberation Theology. The Department of Agriculture paid out millions to Black Farmers based on the assumption that they were discriminated against. Black Panthers are not prosecuted for Voter Intimidation because they are only reacting to the years of oppression from the White European descendant power base. Internationally Obama sides with our traditional enemies in Radical Islam based on his belief that they are being oppressed again by the white European descendant power base.

Lastly and most surprisingly is the connection to the current Pope and his recent condemnation of capitalism. Pope Francis is from Argentina and has probably for years been aware of and indoctrinated in the Liberation Theology of his counterpart in Peru, Father Gutierrez. With his current statements condemning Capitalism there is little doubt where this current Pope’s allegiance lies. He explicitly states he believes it is the responsibility of the government to make sure wealth is distributed justly to the poor. And as for Father Gutierrez, he is now an honorary Professor here in the United States at Notre Dame University in Indiana!

In the end the United States faces some formidable opponents to the American pursuit of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The extremely concerning matter is that all that is being touted has been tried in South America over and over again to the same results. Government theft of private property or Wealth redistribution has always resulted in the same things abject poverty on a scale previously unseen and eventual collapse of the economy. Look no further than Peru in the sixties and seventies. It has taken forty years for the economy of Peru to return to any semblance of its original strength. Venezuela has now fallen into chaos to the point that even toilet paper is rationed.

I was originally born a Peruvian and a Catholic. I left Peru to become a Legal United States Citizen because as Ronald Reagan said this is the last place on earth for freedom and pursuing your dreams. Now it seems the Catholic Church has abandoned freedom as well. They are hypocrites to deny that they along with millions of others have benefitted enormously from the American Free market system and capitalism. It appears now that the South American Marxist policies are incorporated into the religious and government fabric of the United States. Americans need to wake up and recognize the danger before it is too late!

Carla Logan
Pearland TEA Party

Principles: Something to consider from the Past

As to Methods there may be a million and
then some, but Principles are few.
The man who grasps Principles can
successfully select his own Methods.
The man who tries Methods, ignoring
Principles, is sure to have trouble.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Current Battleground of Ideas: Pursuit of Human Perfection vs Manipulation of Human Imperfections

It dawned on me during the Pearland TEA Party’s last 5000 Year Leap class what this current struggle boils down too. When I asked the group if they understood where the concept of ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ came from there was quite a long silence. There were a few guesses but the final answer was not among them. The term Arete is one that is not widely known or discussed in relation to government but it was during the days of the Founders.

It is widely known that the Founders were some of the most educated men of their time and the country would be hard pressed to assemble a group such as this again. They studied the ancient Greeks and Romans along with numerous other cultures and ideas. From that lifelong study one of the primary arguments of the day was over whether the American people were Moral and Virtuous enough to rule themselves. With self rule comes great responsibility and the Founders knew that. In the end they believed yes the American’s would be responsible enough for self rule but what was it that they hoped would be achieved by self rule? The Founders hoped that an educated, moral, virtuous people would use their reason to follow God’s Natural Law and strive for Arete or Human Perfection. They did not have a preconceived notion of what Human Perfection would look like but believed that by allowing each Individual Freedom to pursue that each would find that answer for themselves.

Contrast that to the modern Progressive mix of Marxism and Alinsky Tactics and you wind up with almost the exact opposite of what the Founders set in motion 237 years ago. Marx believed that it was fundamentally wrong for some to have more than others regardless of how hard they may have worked to achieve it. He believed that the successful were only successful through unfairly taking from others. Alinsky followed along after that and developed mob tactics that would allow you to bring about mass change based on manipulation. Neither were concerned with improving the Human Condition as much as with the material world and basic control. Each sought to bring all humankind down to the same level and take advantage of their ignorance, vices, and fears in order to bring about ‘their’ idea of the perfect society controlled by their ideas.

Make no mistake we are now locked in a supreme battle of ideas in this country. On the one side the TEA Party who have suddenly awakened to the realization that the country has strayed seriously off track from where the Founders intended for the American experiment and the opposite side led by our own current president Barrack Obama who espouses at every chance and with every action the fundamental ideas of Marx and Alinsky.

The greatest chance for success in this battle is not winning a few skirmishes for political office but in each Individual American educating themselves in their rights and responsibilities as Freemen and then when they are firmly grounded in those principles reaching out and educating their family, friends, and neighbors. America’s course was never certain and the Founders knew all too well that the struggle and odds from history were against us but they hoped that once Freedom was in our fabric as a country we would not let it slip easily through our fingers. Everyone always asks what can I do …. my answer is Pursue Human Perfection as the Founders intended and try to take at least one other person on that journey with you.

Jim Logan
Pearlan TEA Party

Invitation to Salute: A Tribute to Veterans with Richard “Mack” Machowicz

Invitation to Salute: A Tribute to Veterans

Pearland ISD

We hope you’ll join us at a FREE community event tonight, Monday, Nov. 11, at Dawson High School to honor our veterans.

What: Salute: A Tribute to Veterans

When: Monday, Nov. 11, 7 p.m.
Where: Dawson High School

2050 Cullen Blvd.
Cost: FREE

Additional Info:

Performances by Dawson High School Encore Choir, Readings by Student Council and presentation of colors by Dawson HS NJROTC

Keynote Speaker: Richard Machowicz

Speaker Bio:

Richard “Mack” Machowicz, has spent ten years as a U.S. Navy SEAL, and now searches for new weapons and military technologies used in modern warfare. Mr. Machowicz, has participated in numerous tactical operations with SEAL Team ONE and TWO. While operating at SEAL Teal TWO, he was a Naval Special Warfare Scout/Sniper, as well as being attached to the training cadre as the “Leading Petty Officer of Land, Mountain and Artic Warfare.”
Mack is best known as the compelling host and producer of Discovery Channel’s hit show Future Weapons in addition to producing and hosting a one-hour special for the Discovery Channel called Weapons That Changed the World.

“I Fought For You”


What Is A Veteran?

what is a veteran