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TEA Party advocates say new debt the same as new taxes

Monday, April 15, 2013

UPDATE: Fleming said after the news conference that Judson wasn’t part of it, but simply was in the room. He didn’t speak at the news conference — not everyone there spoke — but we talked afterward. Ms. Fleming said the other advocates there don’t support any increase in the gas tax and vehicle registration fees. Continue reading

Unifying Message: Spread the Word – 2014 is Coming!

Below is a message sent by JoAnn Fleming, Grassroots America–We the People. You will most likely discover things about the smoke and mirrors used in Austin to “balance” the budget, as is constitutionally mandated in Texas.  Please pass this message on to your friends, co-workers and families.  It’s time that our elected officials in Austin stop acting like they have a Washington, D.C. address and bring our great State of Texas back to a financially-sound state.  You are paying higher taxes than you think!  Call and write your State Representatives, Senators, Governor, and Lt. Governor and let them know that you aren’t fooled by their tactics and that it is time to address our state debt in a MEANINGFUL way — the future of our state, our children and grandchildren depend on it! Continue reading

Texas for Sale: Lawmaker seeks to hand TX roads to foreign entities

Rep. Larry Phillips’ bill, HB 3391, is up for a hearing Tuesday, March 26, in the House Transportation Committee that would give TxDOT and toll authorities a BLANK CHECK to enter into TRANS TEXAS CORRIDOR-style toll contracts that hand control of at least 26 Texas roads every two years until 2017 to private, even foreign, corporations in sweetheart deals for a HALF CENTURY. The bill expands these public private partnerships (P3s) to RAIL, too! Continue reading

Conference Call Tonight – Sound the Alarm!

Calling all grassroots conservatives in Texas!  Sound the alarm!  There’s trouble brewing in Austin. The “Kings of Texas” are coming for your liberty and your wallets! Continue reading

Notes from the 288 Planning Meeting

By Suezette Griffin

The 288 Planning Meeting scheduled for Thursday night at Berry Rose School was moderately attended. Although there are obviously important issues to be considered by commuters in our area there were only four citizens who signed up to speak.

Continue reading

Proposed highway improvements for State Highway 288 on display

Posted: Friday, March 1, 2013 4:45 pm

HOUSTON — The Texas Department of Transportation will host public hearings on March 5 and 7 to present the findings of the preliminary engineering, environmental studies and proposed roadway improvements for SH 288 from US 59 to County Road (CR) 60 in Brazoria County. The ultimate design will include: Continue reading


Notice of Public Hearings SH 288 US 59 to CR 60, Harris and Brazoria Counties