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Waskom, TX – Sanctuary City for Pre-Born

“Here is another report on the Waskom, Texas (in Harrison County on I-20 next to the Louisiana line) sanctuary city for the unborn statement regarding the usurpation by the federal judiciary on abortion laws.
This is not the first Texas city to declare acts of the federal government unconstitutional. League City in Galveston County has declared new federal firearms laws to be unconstitutional and null and void in their city.
(That could be called making it a sanctuary city for firearms rights.) It also passed a nullification of the indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act. Heidi Hansing and Geri Bentley lead on that.” – Tom Glass

WASKOM, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) –  The Waskom City Council passed an ordinance Tuesday night declaring themselves a “sanctuary city of the unborn” to prevent an abortion clinic from ever opening in the city.

Waskom is the first city in Texas to do this. There are no abortion services in Waskom, so supporters call it a preventive measure.

It was an abnormally packed house inside Tuesday’s city council meeting as community and church members came out to show their support for declaring Waskom a sanctuary city for the unborn.

“We decided to take things into our own hands, and we’ve got to do something to protect our cities and to protect the unborn children,” said Right To Life with East Texas Director Mark Lee Dickson.

Before the council unanimously passed the ordinance, Mayor Jesse Moore warned citizens they will face a lawsuit that the city cannot afford to lose. But it’s all in an effort to make it to the Supreme Court and win.

“Most likely we will end up getting sued if this passes. It could go to the Supreme Court,” said Moore.

“We don’t have the possibility of millions of dollars to take it to that level. We can’t pay those types of attorney fees,” said Alderman Jimmy Dale Moore.

The ordinance includes exceptions for rape, incest and if the woman’s life is in danger, which they said they needed to include in order to make it to the Supreme Court in an effort to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“If we go to the Supreme Court, we’ll have to pay the other side of the attorney fees so you was it, Mr. Jacob there, ya’ll save your nickel and pennies. We may need them,” Moore said.

The final vote approving the move was met with cheers from the public.

In response to a possible lawsuit, the people of Waskom said they still support moving forward because they say God will take care of them.

Advocates of the ordinance say they got the idea for this ordinance from Rosewell, New Mexico, which passed a similar one earlier this year.

Speaker Bonnen Must Go

by Tom Glass

Intellectually, I can easily list the rational reasons why any conservative has to work to remove Dennis Bonnen from office. But, I have realized that I have an intense emotional desire to see him gone, as well. And I started wondering where that intensity came from.

I have realized that it is because Dennis Bonnen has an utter disdain for someone like me and most of the voters in the GOP primary in his district. And I am offended to the core by that.

If you listen to a politician long enough, they will tell you what they think of you. Obama described me as bitterly clinging to my God and my guns. Hillary put me in a basket of deplorables. And Dennis Bonnen has described me as “Someone living in the woods in a cave somewhere.”

What is even worse, is that at least Obama and Hillary were describing those who opposed them politically. With Bonnen, the ultimate irony and outrage is that this guy is insulting the people on whose side he is supposed to be. He clearly has disdain for and is insulting his OWN voters and his OWN party!

For me, the, “Oh, HELL no!” moment was Bonnen’s interview to an Austin reporter complaining about people asking him to push through the GOP’s top legislative priority, describing those who did so as “living in the woods in a cave somewhere.”

He has doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down since, insulting life proponents, praising anti-gun Democrats, and threatened House members not to engage in their right to campaign for who they support.

Simply put, Dennis Bonnen has made it clear that the good opinion he seeks is that of liberal reporters and the Democrats in the House. And that he despises constitutionalists and members of his own party.

I am offended. And I am triggered. And rather than scream helplessly about that, I intend to do something effective about it – removing Dennis Bonnen from any position of power over the good people of Texas.

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