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TNM vs SBOE Recommendation re Travis Letter

By: Daniel Miller

One of the major issues about the State Board of Education’s discussion of the recommendation to sanitize the history of the Alamo deals specifically with de-emphasizing Colonel Travis’s famous “Victory or Death” letter. What most do not know is that Alamo history has already been the victim of a political scrub job.

The “Victory or Death” letter wasn’t the only letter that Travis wrote during the siege. In fact, it pales in comparison to another letter that he penned on March 3rd to his friend Jesse Grimes. In the letter Travis clearly explains what truly motivated the Alamo defenders to lay down their lives. Travis’s words and the real sacrifice of the Alamo defenders is politically inconvenient in this climate where all Texian victories and sacrifices are hijacked or suppressed in order to induce cultural amnesia and political compliance in current and future generations of Texans. Never forget that these Texians were the FIRST to give everything for #TEXIT.

“…Let the Convention go on and make a declaration of independence , and we will then understand, and the world will understand, what we are fighting for. If independence is not declared, I shall lay down my arms , and so will the men under my command. But under the flag of independence, we are ready to peril our lives a hundred times a day, and to drive away the monster who is fighting us under a blood-red flag, threatening to murder all prisoners and make Texas a waste desert…If my countrymen do no rally to my relief, I am determined to perish in the defense of this place, and my bones shall reproach my country for her neglect” – W.B. Travis, Commander of the Alamo, to Jesse Grimes, from Béxar, March 3, 1836.

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CSCOPE… the Dumbing Down of TEXAS Students!

By Ginger Russell and published in Red Hot Conservative

dumbing down

In the video below, Dr. Stan Harltzer is interviewed by Peggy Venable. Continue reading


To:  Open Letter to Texas Legislators

From:  Donna Garner

Re:  BAD BILLS — SB 1724 (Sen. Dan Patrick),  SB 3 (Sen. Dan Patrick), and HB 5 (Rep. Aycock)


Generally, I believe there are two different types of philosophies of education; and nearly all educators, curriculum, vendors, organizations, and advocacy groups fall into one of these two categories.  (3.3.13 — “Type #1 and Type #2 — Two Completely Different Philosophies of Education” —  Continue reading


There have been several news stories about how the Senate is approaching funding schools in this year’s budget. Most of the stories have either been incomplete or inaccurate. Continue reading

Rotten to the Core: The growing grassroots revolt against Common Core

By Michelle Malkin
March 1, 2013 12:00 A.M.
Texas is a right-minded red state, where patriotism is still a virtue and political correctness is out of vogue. So why on earth are Lone Star State students being instructed to dress in Islamic garb, call the 9/11 jihadists “freedom fighters,” and treat the Boston Tea Party participants as “terrorists”? Continue reading

American Student Punished for Refusing to Recite Mexican Pledge

Feb 27, 2013 By Todd Starnes

A Texas high school student has filed a federal lawsuit against her school and her teachers after she was punished for refusing to salute and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance. Continue reading

Gulen Charter Schools

Ten shocking lessons a huge Texas conglomerate has foisted on public school students

By Eric Owens, Published in The Daily Caller

CSCOPE is the acronym-sounding name — that is not actually an acronym — for the oft-criticized, all-embracing K-12 educational curriculum that is used in 80 percent of the school districts in Texas. Continue reading

Stand With Us for Texas School Children Saturday Feb 23, 2013

Please join TPPF (Texas Public Policy Foundation) and organizations from across the state for a press conference on the North Steps of the State Capitol at 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

Together, we will show the media and our legislators that there is a strong base of support that the path to improving education is not through raising taxes and throwing more money at the status quo, but instead through increasing the educational options available to Texas students and parents.

Whether your interest is in charter schools, virtual learning, blended learning, home schools, scholarships, Taxpayer Savings Grants, home rule schools, or all of the above, if you believe increasing competition will improve education as it has virtually every other facet of our economy, if you believe that parents deserve choice, we would be honored to have you stand with us for Texas school children this Saturday.

Also, at noon on Saturday, government school supporters are converging on the State Capitol for a march and rally under the banner of “Save Texas Schools.”  Their agenda is more money (including higher taxes) for the government schools but with weaker performance accountability and continued protection of what effectively amounts to a monopoly for all but the upper classes.

The teachers unions and others with a vested interest in protecting government schools from competition will be at the Capitol in full force on behalf of the status quo for these schools.


Choice in Education Townhall – Houston, TX Feb 9, 2013