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Vote for Tanya Robertson and Dale Huls for SD11 SREC Committeewoman and Committeeman!

Dale and Tanya SREC


Vote for Tanya Robertson for SD11 SREC Committeewoman!

Tanya SRECTanya Robertson SREC SD11

Vote for Dale Huls for SD11 SREC Committeechairman!!!

Dale Huls SREC SD11Dale

Help us Keep Texas Red: Brazoria County Block Walk May 17, 2014


The Republican Party of Texas along with the Abbott Campaign have chosen Brazoria County as a target location for the next Statewide Super Saturday Blockwalk on May 17th 9:00AM-1:30PM! In order to reach our goal that day, we need 70 volunteers to door knock! I will need all of your help, as well as the help of members of your organizations, friends, family, students you may know who need to do service or volunteer hours for school, literally anyone who might be able to give us a few hours one time that Saturday.

We have attached the invitation above for you to distribute to your lists and networks, please have all volunteers RSVP to me at 979-320-9932 or with their name, email address, and phone #! Thank you so much and please let Emily Yu know if you have any questions or concerns.


Clear Lake TEA Party President Robert Gonzalez talks to Matt Patrick about Rand Paul comments about Hispanics Feb 10, 2014

Robert Gonzalez talks to Matt Patrick on KTRH 740AM about Rand Paul comments on Feb 8, 2014 in Houston, Texas about illegal Immigration, Hispanics and the Republican Party!



Texas TEA – Three of a Kind – 2014 – Mary Huls, Katrina Pierson, Konni Burton

Women Candidates 2014


Candidate Forum for Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jan 9, 2014 at 6:00pm hosted by the Pearland TEA Party

Agriculture Candidate Forum updated 12-23-13

Video: Brazoria County TEA Parties File Lawsuit against Brazoria County Officials 12-10-2013

Since October 23, 2012, the TEA Parties of Brazoria County have suffered repeated abuses at the hands of the County Commissioners and District Attorney Jeri Yenne.
On that date, District Attorney Yenne presented her “interpretation” of the Texas Constitution to the County Commissioners. In that presentation, Yenne proposed that the Constitution forbade the use of county facilities by any group that was not granted funds by the state.
Yenne proposed, and the Commissioners adopted, a rule that stated that the county facilities could not be used for a private purpose by any private entities or individuals. The TEA Parties of Brazoria County were contacted the same day and told that they could no longer use county facilities for their public meetings. No other group was removed from the use of county facilities under that new rule. The TEA Parties were the intended victims of the Commissioners and D.A. Yenne.
Despite having been shown that Yenne’s “analysis” of the Texas Constitution was incorrect, at best, the Commissioners refused, and continue to refuse, to get outside counsel or to seek the opinion of the Attorney General’s office as to whether what they had done was allowed by the Texas Constitution.
The TEA Parties have repeatedly requested that the Commissioners reconsider what they had done and to order the D.A. Yenne to allow the TEA Parties the use of several county facilities as they had done for years before this set of events. The Commissioners have repeatedly deferred to D.A. Yenne who, without a reason, steadfastly refuses to allow the TEA Parties the use of those facilities.
In August of 2013 the TEA Parties served a demand letter on the Commissioners once again asking them to please stop the actions instigated by the inaccurate constitutional claims of Yenne. The TEA Parties were once again ignored. The Commissioners refused to even formulate a response to the demand letter.
We, the TEA Parties of Brazoria County, have done all we can do to peacefully resolve this matter. With a deep respect for the Citizens of Brazoria County, we lay this matter before them, and ask that they hear our voice, see what has been done, and that they recognize that we have done all that we could to prevent legal action short of accepting the abuses quietly and disappearing.
We, the TEA Parties of Brazoria County, act as your watchdogs to prevent the waste of tax dollars and to prevent the continued growth of government into areas that you, the People, have not authorized in our Constitution.
We regretfully announce that we feel that there is no more that can be done outside the courts and ask for your voices to be heard in Commissioners’ Court, ground floor, 111 E. Locust, Angleton, TX, 77515, at 9:00 a.m., Tuesday, December 10, 2013, so that, perhaps, the Commissioners can be reminded that they are our servants, not our rulers.
BY: Dr. Royce Mitchell, 10231 Hanselman Road, Manvel, TX 77578; 281-331-8607

Brazoria County TEA Party Lawsuit

Clear Lake Area Republicans will host Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, State Senator Larry Taylor (SD 11), and State Representatives Wayne Smith (HD 128), Greg Bonnen (HD 24), and John Davis (HD 129) Aug 20, 2013


Clear Lake Area Republicans will host Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, State Continue reading