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President Trump we Need a VETO

Ted Cruz has this right! Just vote NO! When it passes both Houses because we have too few actual Patriots in office, it needs to be VETOED!

Budgetary Stewardship – POTUS Team: “Recission Request” Forthcoming

Senior administration officials are preparing to brief the media on a congressional “recission request” notification:

“Today, senior administration officials will hold a background briefing to preview the Presidents historic rescission request to Congress. The special message to Congress will be delivered Tuesday, May 8, 2018. The briefing will be conducted via conference call at 6:00PM EDT tonight. The information will be embargoed until 9:00PM EDT this evening.”

In essence the administration is preparing to enter into a spending discussion with congress. The White House is actually trying to eliminate unnecessary federal spending. FULLSTOP. Yes, that’s what happens when a businessman, committed to financial stewardship, takes over as executive and reviews spending.

The basic point of “recission” is simple. The Omnibus spending bill contained too much unneeded spending on non-essential budgetary items. A Very Stable Genius President approved the Omnibus to gain the needed financing for the military.

With the military shored-up, the sketchy pork hidden inside the Omnibus needs to be addressed while deconstructing the deep state apparatus.  So,…. the White House is talking with congress about NOT spending the appropriations.