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Brett Rogers Answers the Republican Label Question

All of this from the current challenger to Chairman James Dickey  using divisive words to label those she disagrees with regarding the RPT Platform.

Brett Rogers – I’ve never heard of Duke Machado. Evidently, he has a blog. He wrote a post urging that we “end the Libertarian takeover in the GOP.”

He focuses only on labels: Libertarian and Republican. A wise man once taught me to crave function, not title. In other words, labels (nouns) mean nothing and activity (verbs) define us.

The Republican party was long known as the party of low taxes and smaller government. The Democrat Party was known as the party of higher taxes and bigger government. In the last twenty years, maybe thirty, the Republican Party shrugged off that reputation and simply became the party of slightly less growth of government, brief periods of lower taxes, but always increased spending.

That opened the door for an alternative, the Libertarians. They believe in less government, but are too lazy and unorganized to really win anything above mayor of a small town.

So people like Duke Machado get all itchy when real Republicans (the ones that want to do what Republicans used to do – shrink government) look like today’s Libertarians (who talk about shrinking government, but can’t win elections to effectively shrink government). The reason they get all itchy? They’ve shrugged off the Constitution and embraced big government. They loathe a republic and instead crave a centralized national government.

In short, they look nothing like Republicans. Because they aren’t.

Just as there is no compromise between a socialist and a capitalist, there is no compromise between big government Republicans and small government Republicans. People such as Duke crave the Democrat model of growing government as long as those doing so call themselves Republican.

Which is why real Republicans should completely ignore people like Duke Machado.

And Matt Armstrong chimes in –

Great post and Duke and his ilk are the “norm Adams” wing of the party talking!
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If you are not attending the Republican Party of Texas State Convention next week, why pardner, you’re missing out. Stay tuned. You, too, can chime in, leave me a comment.