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Heidi Thiess & Rep. Olson after PTP Meeting

Sometimes, you must demand accountability. Heidi Thiess, Councilwoman for League City, TX wanted REAL answers from Congressman Olson in lieu of the canned answers he gave during the Pearland Tea Party meeting.  Thank you Tanya Robertson for the video!


The Attorney General Eric Holder is launching a legal assault on the state of Texas. In lieu of the recent Supreme Court ruling that struck down Section 5 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which took much of the South out from under the control of the Justice Dept. over voting procedure changes, Holder ‘is asking a federal court in San Antonio to require the state of Texas to obtain approval in advance before putting future voting changes in place. Continue reading

Stolen Education, Stolen Children, Stolen Future

By KrisAnne Hall, Aug 2, 2011

This is an informational presentation I gave at a rally in Ft. Walton Beach, FL.  Much of this information can be found in Charlotte Iserbyt’s book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.  As shocking as it may be, it is all factual and verifiable.  Please educate yourself on this vital issue. Continue reading

U.S. employees set to be forced to give bosses their Facebook PASSWORDS

  • A last minute alteration to CISPA was defeated in a Congress vote
  • It would have protected user’s social media passwords from employers
  • The late amendment was put forward by Democrat Ed Perlmutter

By STEVE NOLAN, 23 April 2013  Published in UK Daily Mail

An attempt to ban US bosses from asking employees to hand over their Facebook login details has been blocked by Congress. Continue reading

One of the Best Letters written on Education in America from Oklahoma

This could so easily be a letter to the Texas Legislature. Continue reading