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Heidi Thiess & Rep. Olson after PTP Meeting

Sometimes, you must demand accountability. Heidi Thiess, Councilwoman for League City, TX wanted REAL answers from Congressman Olson in lieu of the canned answers he gave during the Pearland Tea Party meeting.  Thank you Tanya Robertson for the video!

CSCOPE… the Dumbing Down of TEXAS Students!

By Ginger Russell and published in Red Hot Conservative

dumbing down

In the video below, Dr. Stan Harltzer is interviewed by Peggy Venable. Continue reading

“The 5000 Year Leap” with Jim Logan/Pearland TEA Party/Sep 12, 2013

5000 year leap

We had a scheduling conflict so we had to change the date from Sept 10 to Sept 12.

Pearland TEA Party presents “The 5000 Year Leap” with Jim Logan Continue reading

Stolen Education, Stolen Children, Stolen Future

By KrisAnne Hall, Aug 2, 2011

This is an informational presentation I gave at a rally in Ft. Walton Beach, FL.  Much of this information can be found in Charlotte Iserbyt’s book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.  As shocking as it may be, it is all factual and verifiable.  Please educate yourself on this vital issue. Continue reading

Clear Lake Tea Party Responds to Citizens for CCISD

By Mary Huls  [Mary Huls is the President of the Clear Lake Tea Party.  She lives in Friendswood, Harris County.]

It seems that Mr. Jerry Smith of Citizens for CCISD political action committee (PAC) has asked the Clear Lake Tea Party (CLTP) to adhere to values of transparency, honesty, and accountability.  Okay, let me answer that challenge.

The Clear Lake Tea Party has been working for traditional conservative values since 2009 by championing fiscal responsibility, limited government, personal accountability, and free market solutions for the many challenges of our time. Continue reading

TEA Party advocates say new debt the same as new taxes

Monday, April 15, 2013

UPDATE: Fleming said after the news conference that Judson wasn’t part of it, but simply was in the room. He didn’t speak at the news conference — not everyone there spoke — but we talked afterward. Ms. Fleming said the other advocates there don’t support any increase in the gas tax and vehicle registration fees. Continue reading


To:  Open Letter to Texas Legislators

From:  Donna Garner

Re:  BAD BILLS — SB 1724 (Sen. Dan Patrick),  SB 3 (Sen. Dan Patrick), and HB 5 (Rep. Aycock)


Generally, I believe there are two different types of philosophies of education; and nearly all educators, curriculum, vendors, organizations, and advocacy groups fall into one of these two categories.  (3.3.13 — “Type #1 and Type #2 — Two Completely Different Philosophies of Education” —  Continue reading

Texas Legislation Advocacy – The Week Ahead

The Patriot Briefing Published by New Revolution Now

Several bills are coming up for committee votes this week. Your persistence in engaging legislators is key to moving the good bills forward and the bad bills back to where they came from. Thank you for your activism! You are making a difference. Continue reading

Brazoria County Republican Party Executive Committee Passes Cscope Resolution

Monday night the Brazoria County Republican Party Executive Committee unanimously adopted the following Cscope Resolution.  The resolution will be sent to every school board in Brazoria County and to all of our elected officials. Continue reading

One of the Best Letters written on Education in America from Oklahoma

This could so easily be a letter to the Texas Legislature. Continue reading