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Brazoria County, Texas blocks TEA Party use of County facilities

“Alvin TEA Party Patriots were delighted that the Day of Resistance, Sat. (2/23/13), was quite a success with about 150 people taking part. About 25 people brought their firearms and had them inspected and tagged for the event. Continue reading


Alvin TEA Party Day of Resistance: Alvin, Texas

Day of Resistance-Alvin, Texas

Kevin Jackson: Day of Resistance League City, Texas

Alvin TEA Party Patriots Day of Resistance Rally

From Alvin TEA Party:

It was exciting to see so many patriots come together for a national Day of Resistance rally to protect our second amendment rights yesterday.  We began the rally with prayer, pledges to the American and Texas flags, and a singing of our National Anthem. Continue reading

Interviews: Second Amendment Day of Resistance Rally in League City, Texas

Courtesy of Eddie Gallegos

United We Stand: Day of Resistance

by Lloyd Marcus
In the Bible story, God decided to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah due to their wickedness. He ordered Lot to removed his family, warning them not to look back. While exiting the city, Lot’s wife disobediently looked back and was instantly turned into a pillar of salt.

It occurred to me that you never know how effective the left’s relentless PR campaigns promoting their agenda have been on even those in your own household. The left uses its bully pulpit of the liberal mainstream media to daily brand freedom and traditional values as racist, stupid, and outdated. Continue reading

Day of Resistance: Alvin, Texas


Day of Resistance: League City, Texas


Day of Resistance: Richmond, Texas