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Heidi Thiess & Rep. Olson after PTP Meeting

Sometimes, you must demand accountability. Heidi Thiess, Councilwoman for League City, TX wanted REAL answers from Congressman Olson in lieu of the canned answers he gave during the Pearland Tea Party meeting.  Thank you Tanya Robertson for the video!


To:  Open Letter to Texas Legislators

From:  Donna Garner

Re:  BAD BILLS — SB 1724 (Sen. Dan Patrick),  SB 3 (Sen. Dan Patrick), and HB 5 (Rep. Aycock)


Generally, I believe there are two different types of philosophies of education; and nearly all educators, curriculum, vendors, organizations, and advocacy groups fall into one of these two categories.  (3.3.13 — “Type #1 and Type #2 — Two Completely Different Philosophies of Education” —  Continue reading

Unifying Message: Spread the Word – 2014 is Coming!

Below is a message sent by JoAnn Fleming, Grassroots America–We the People. You will most likely discover things about the smoke and mirrors used in Austin to “balance” the budget, as is constitutionally mandated in Texas.  Please pass this message on to your friends, co-workers and families.  It’s time that our elected officials in Austin stop acting like they have a Washington, D.C. address and bring our great State of Texas back to a financially-sound state.  You are paying higher taxes than you think!  Call and write your State Representatives, Senators, Governor, and Lt. Governor and let them know that you aren’t fooled by their tactics and that it is time to address our state debt in a MEANINGFUL way — the future of our state, our children and grandchildren depend on it! Continue reading

Ride with CLTP to Austin for TURF Citizen Lobby Day!

Tuesday, March 12th
CLTP will be taking two passenger vans to Austin for this event. We will be leaving from Seabrook First Baptist Church on Hwy 146 early that morning. If you would like to reserve a space, it is first come, first serve and be ready to work but have some fun too.
See here for reservation information & more details!
Click here for a printable Flier for this event in Austin.

Click here for more information about TURF and learn about the important work they do.