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Budgetary Stewardship – POTUS Team: “Recission Request” Forthcoming

Senior administration officials are preparing to brief the media on a congressional “recission request” notification:

“Today, senior administration officials will hold a background briefing to preview the Presidents historic rescission request to Congress. The special message to Congress will be delivered Tuesday, May 8, 2018. The briefing will be conducted via conference call at 6:00PM EDT tonight. The information will be embargoed until 9:00PM EDT this evening.”

In essence the administration is preparing to enter into a spending discussion with congress. The White House is actually trying to eliminate unnecessary federal spending. FULLSTOP. Yes, that’s what happens when a businessman, committed to financial stewardship, takes over as executive and reviews spending.

The basic point of “recission” is simple. The Omnibus spending bill contained too much unneeded spending on non-essential budgetary items. A Very Stable Genius President approved the Omnibus to gain the needed financing for the military.

With the military shored-up, the sketchy pork hidden inside the Omnibus needs to be addressed while deconstructing the deep state apparatus.  So,…. the White House is talking with congress about NOT spending the appropriations.

Heidi Thiess & Rep. Olson after PTP Meeting

Sometimes, you must demand accountability. Heidi Thiess, Councilwoman for League City, TX wanted REAL answers from Congressman Olson in lieu of the canned answers he gave during the Pearland Tea Party meeting.  Thank you Tanya Robertson for the video!

Morning Bell: Obama’s Fake Budget Marketing Exposed

By Romina Coccia and Amy Payne, Published in The Foundry, April 12, 2013

President Obama is marketing his new budget by saying it has “more than $2 in spending cuts for every $1 of new revenue.” Is this true?

In a word, no.

In fact, his spending increases and advertised spending cuts cancel each other out—leaving only a massive tax increase.

The President cancels sequestration’s spending cuts—therefore raising spending—by the same amount that he reduces spending. When that’s done, all that’s left is a $1.1 trillion tax hike.

Budget cuts spending 600

Here’s the math:

  1. The President increases spending by $1.1 trillion by cancelling sequestration.Sequestration, the automatic spending cuts adopted in the Budget Control Act of August 2011, is already in effect. Thus, cancelling these reductions in spending increases spending by $1.1 trillion over 10 years.
  2. The President reduces spending by $1.1 trillion. The President lists a number of additional spending reductions based on a December offer to Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH). These total about $1.1 trillion and are completely offset by the cancellation of sequestration.
  3. The President raises taxes by $1.1 trillion. The official total tax increase in President Obama’s budget is available in the Treasury Department’s “Green Book.” Treasury scores the total net tax increase from all President Obama’s tax policies at more than $1.1 trillion over 10 years.

So President Obama’s spending cut claim doesn’t hold up, and Americans get stuck with a $1.1 trillion tax bill. Real math hurts.


Unifying Message: Spread the Word – 2014 is Coming!

Below is a message sent by JoAnn Fleming, Grassroots America–We the People. You will most likely discover things about the smoke and mirrors used in Austin to “balance” the budget, as is constitutionally mandated in Texas.  Please pass this message on to your friends, co-workers and families.  It’s time that our elected officials in Austin stop acting like they have a Washington, D.C. address and bring our great State of Texas back to a financially-sound state.  You are paying higher taxes than you think!  Call and write your State Representatives, Senators, Governor, and Lt. Governor and let them know that you aren’t fooled by their tactics and that it is time to address our state debt in a MEANINGFUL way — the future of our state, our children and grandchildren depend on it! Continue reading

GAS TAXES: BROKEN PROMISES? Grassroots fume over lawmakers failure to END gas tax diversions

Perry, Dewhurst, Straus all promised to end diversions this session

(Austin, TX, March 25, 2013) – Texas Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, Speaker Joe Straus, and House and Senate budget writers have so far failed to end diversions from the gas tax and help fix the structural road funding shortfall in the budgets passed last week. Perry, Dewhurst, and Straus all promised to end diversions of the gas tax in an effort to enact truth in budgeting — to ensure taxes collected for a specific purpose actually go to fund that purpose. Continue reading

Texas Legislation Advocacy – The Week Ahead

The Patriot Briefing Published by New Revolution Now

Several bills are coming up for committee votes this week. Your persistence in engaging legislators is key to moving the good bills forward and the bad bills back to where they came from. Thank you for your activism! You are making a difference. Continue reading