By John Dalton

It was December 5, 1835. The “Army of Texas” had the city of San Antonio de Bexar under seige since October. Burleson, the commanding General wanted to withdraw…but Colonel Ben Milam had persuaded the commanders to attack.

Some Texicans did not have muskets. Ball and powder were all but non-existent, as was morale. One soldier wrote home that “we all could feel our bellies against our back bones”, referring to pangs of hunger.

But these men were there for Texas…..and Texas gets inside of her sons and daughters and draws out a kind of commitment and loyalty like no other place on earth.

So, the morning of the 5th…. Ben Milam stood up on a tree stump, waived his hat at the assembled Texian Army of 300 souls….and said


The men all followed.

Within five days, the Mexican Army under General Cos had been vanquished.

Ben Milam was dead…killed by a sniper’s bullet…..BUT, the Mexican Army had been sent packing from Texas.


For the first time in history…………Texas was free. Milam, Burleson, and Bowie confronted Cos and around 800 Mexican soldiers to win the blessings of Liberty for Texas.

Today, another Texian army confronts the forces arrayed against Texas at the Alamo Plaza. These nefarious forces seek to denigrate the sole gravestone to all the Heroes of the Alamo: the Cenotaph.


So today, friends, who will follow the likes of Lee Spencer WhiteTeresa BeckmeyerRay MyersRandy Dunning, and a host of other Texas Patriots into Bexar.

Alamo Plaza…..10 am.

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