Stop the Human Trafficking Magnet

Although the Democrats and other amnesty for illegal immigrants do so from a compassionate high ground, anyone who claims its about giving these migrants from other countries a better life is either lying or refusing to see the truth. We must STOP the human trafficking magnet our nation has become, to our ever-lasting shame. We are the magnet for human traffickers to bring sick, abused and dehydrated children here. Some of these children are raped more times than can be counted…on the way to our border. They ate malnourished and dehydrated. As happens so often the children are simply the pawns of evil adults. Their plight is no matter once they are in our country. Our shame should overwhelm our desire to be accused of racism and heartlessness.

If you truly care for the children help us stop this. Our hearts are breaking for them. Shut the border! Shut Down all Immigration until we get this under control. STOP THE MAGNET that draws the adults here.



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