Abolish Abortion in Texas – End the Era of Death

It was my generation which celebrated the era of death ushered in by Old Men on SCOTUS. We said over and over “I, personally, would never abort a child but I’m so glad other woman can do so if “needed”. “ May God forgive the ignorance of the young. I saw too late the evil being perpetrated on our nation.

Being the Godly nation we claim to be we have been incrementally attacking abortion ever since the ruling came down. Last year, Texas incrementalism watched as 55,000 defenseless Texans died with no voice!

The time is now!

Now we have the foundation laid by truly Godly men and women of the Abolish Abortion in Texas movement. That movement is growing as the conviction of our Lord falls on His people.

I pray my generation will also be the generation that calls an end to the ERA of DEATH!

Suezette Griffin

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