CLTP PhoneBanks for Ted Cruz ReElection Campaign

This Wednesday, the Clear Lake Tea Party (CLTP) will be sponsoring a phone banking session for Senator Ted Cruz at Rudy’s BBQ just off I-45 from 6-8pm. We have reserved the backroom for SD11 conservatives who are interested in keeping Texas “Red”!

Because Senator Cruz will be one of the main drivers of down ballot success, we need to continue the process of making sure voters are ready to keep Texas on the right path this election cycle.

Media is out there claiming that Ted and the Democrat are tied. This is causing enormous enthusiasm on the left which will certainly spill over into the down ballot races if we don’t start to counter this narrative.

This next Texas Legislative session promises to be one of the most conservative Texas values sessions ever with Straus gone and Texas conservatives picking up key primary wins.

However, should our conservative picks get swamped by a “blue” wave, we will be back to 2010 politics in the Texas Legislature. We fought too hard to lose our gains now.

Help us thwart the liberal agenda to weaken our border security, allow unfettered illegal immigration, undermine our Bill of Rights, increase your taxes, and control the everyday decisions of Texans from the far away Washington, D.C. swamp.

We need to turn out to vote in November and keep Texas RED!

We will use the Cruz Crew app to make phone calls to voters in our area, so please have the Cruz Crew app downloaded 24 hours before you arrive to make sure it is functioning, that you are able to log in, etc.

The app can be used on any smart phone or tablet and can be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play:

Apple Store:
Google Play Store:…
Never made voter outreach calls before? No problem! The app provides a script to use when talking with voters, and campaign staff or trained volunteers will be on site to answer questions.

What to bring:

Headphones if you have them. While not necessary, they can be helpful when making calls in a group setting.
Charged smart phone or tablet (or bring a charger with you, just in case!). Campaign staff will have a limited amount of tablets available for those who might need one.
Please reach out to us for questions and walkthroughs. Let’s keep Texas on the right path! See you soon!…

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