Saturday Feb 6 RALLY THE TROOPS block walk for Maria Espinoza Republican for Congress Dist. 7

It’s time to rally the troops for our last block walk before early voting starts! We will have two shifts to accommodate those attending other events on Sat. 2/6. With the morning shift meeting at 8:30am and the afternoon shift meeting at 1:00pm.

We will be meeting at Beans Cafe Coffeehouse 1127 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77077 in the Morning and Cafe Express in the same shopping center for lunch and 2nd leg of walking.

In the mean time, please RSVP at campaign@mariaforamerica with your shirt size. We will also create a log to record votes so you can log your notes while walking. If you do not have a phone or tablet with internet access let us know and we will pair you with someone who does.

Please, let us know by Friday 2/5 if you plan to attend and which leg you will be able to make. Feel free to share with your Friends and family!

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