We Were Elected to Govern?

It is interesting to me as I listen to the narrative perpetrated now on the voters who overwhelming gave the Republican Party a majority in both the Senate and House. I believe that we have in effect been ‘Grubered’ by the Republican Party. They believe that the voters are ‘so stupid’ that we can’t argue with a phrase that makes them sound ‘responsible’.

Well here is the reality of what their role is based on the election. They are ‘Representatives’ in a Constitutional Republic. Not ‘Leaders’ in a Democracy. Leaders in a democracy is just an excuse for mob rule. A Representative in a Constitutional Republic is elected to reflect the will of his constituents AND uphold the Constitution. Two elements are key here. First and foremost they should be in contact with their constituents through town-halls, phone, e-mail, etc. From the media it was clear that while they tried to avoid meeting with their constituents the Republicans phone lines were burning up to let them know their objections to the current policies being orchestrated.

Secondly and just as importantly is they are elected to uphold their Oath of Office. This very directly reflects that they are pledging to God that they will do everything within their capabilities to defend the Constitution and hence our Rights. This should concern every person in each representatives district. Particularly in light of what has just transpired in the last week in Congress. The very FIRST act that the Republican Party orchestrated after being handed a majority was to violate that oath! How should we interpret that? Well how the Founders would have interpreted it is that these Representatives were unfit for office because they do not fear retribution from the voters or God for violating their oath.

So how should we the public respond? Rather than just complain or check out we need to now hold them accountable. We need to start now finding suitable replacements to them. Starting with funding candidates to replace specifically Boehner and his ilk. Secondly and somewhat symbolically we should create a national day of protest to coincide with the State of the Union Address. We should boycott all networks and news sources for the 4 hours around the public address. Why would this be important? Well these liars are particularly driven by public adulation and poll ratings. The largest viewership for the State of The Union would inevitably be driven by Fox News and it’s TEA Party viewers. No longer should we watch their lies or provide patronage to their media outlets who propagate the lies. Fox News puts up ‘expert’ after ‘expert’ supporting the undermining of our rights and destruction of our Constitution all the while taking in advertising dollars for companies wanting to sell us their crap products. Well we don’t need to be ‘Grubered’ by Fox News either.

I would also send a letter to Fox News and your representative telling him/her of your intention and why.
Jim Logan

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