Pearland Tea Party Call for Federal Action to Address Immigration Issue

Suezette Griffin


Pearland Tea Party Call for Federal Action to Address Immigration Issue

July 2, 2014 (Pearland, TX) – The Pearland Tea Party (PTP) has been monitoring the continuing immigration crisis on the southern Texas border. Since October, 2013 over 52,000 unattended “children” and over 39,000 women with children have illegally crossed into Texas. We are hearing horror stories of children being raped and brutalized by the very criminal gangs who are bringing them across border. Indeed, it was recently reported that an 11 year old boy from Guatemala was found dead in the Texas brush. While on the other hand, older teens arrive bearing gang tattoos and sneering attitudes are granted the same “permisos” as a raped 13 year old girl. Ultimately, the journey to the United States is a pitiless and dangerous trip for both the innocent and the children seeking entrance to our country under the promises that the Obama Administration has implied. Suezette Griffin, President of the Pearland Tea Party stated “Two emotions war within me as I read news reports of this human flood at our border: heartbreaking sadness for the actual “little ones” sent on such a dangerous journey by those who are meant to keep them safe; and anger at our government which has encouraged, and refuses to respond to this invasion.”

The PTP has also observed a growing health threat posed by these illegal alien minors. While they may be screened for diseases such as scabies and lice in the Federal detention facilities, they are not being screened for HIV and other contagious diseases. For instance, HIV is infecting an ever-rising number of people in many Central American countries. According to the UN Aids Organization there are 31,672 cases of the HIV virus in Honduras, with the majority of the infected heterosexuals between the ages of 20 – 39. HIV, TB and other contagious diseases are only some of the health dangers presented by this human flood.

However, according to Breitbart Texas, Texas Congressman Randy Weber is introducing a bill called the “Illegal Entry Accountability Act of 2014” which includes one of the three necessary steps needed to shut off the flow of illegals from Central America. In our estimation this bill does not go far enough. A grassroots developed plan of action requiring Congress to pass legislation emphasizes a “country of origin” solution which compels the Central American countries of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico to repatriate all illegal aliens apprehended in the USA back to their countries of origin AND close their borders to illegal immigration by their citizens. Should these countries fail to comply with these requirements, the following actions would be taken:

• End ALL foreign aid and US government assistance to non-responsive countries of origin. This requirement is covered by Randy Weber’s proposed bill.

• Discontinue issuing legal USA visas and begin to revoke existing visas for citizens of these countries.

• Embargo all trade between the USA and non-compliant countries of origin.
When implemented, these steps would place enormous pressure on the aforementioned Central American countries to control their own borders and return their citizens to their home countries. Ending foreign aid alone will not generate enough pressure for these countries to take action. While the loss of USA millions of dollars would be felt by the governments, the internal pressure on the middle and upper classes (loss of legal visas) and the business class (trade embargo) will eventually force these governments to act. These steps do not require an inordinate effort on the part of the USA to address this issue. Re-locations back to their home countries could be coordinated between Homeland Security and the Central American countries Embassy and Consulates.

About the Pearland Tea Party: The Pearland Tea Party mission is to educate voters so they are able to make an informed decision as to the candidates/elected officials who are like-minded with their own values. We encourage involvement in the election process as precinct chairs, judges, poll-watchers as well as candidates. We work closely with the other TEA Parties in our area to present an informed, united front. Suezette Griffin, of Pearland, is the current President of the PTP. Further information can be found at



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