Texas Tea Party Group Warns of ‘Pending Public School Crisis’ from Border Influx

Texas Tea Party Group Warns of ‘Pending Public School Crisis’ from Border Influx

HOUSTON, Texas—The Clear Lake Tea Party (CLTP) is calling on Texas Governor Rick Perry to call a special session of the state legislature to deal with a possible public school health and security crisis due to the massive influx of illegal immigrant children in recent months. The group calls the surge of illegal immigrants “an unprecedented security, public health, and humanitarian crisis for all Texans.”

As estimated 90,000 minors are expected to illegally cross into Texas this year according to the CLTP press release. Because of this, CLTP is asking for a determination by public officials of the impact of the massive numbers of children who will likely remain in Texas and in our school systems across the state.

CLTP asks the Governor to call a special session of the legislature to answer and deal with the following questions and issues:

  • Is your local ISD adequately funded to deal with the influx of so many illegal alien minors, at the cost of $9,064 per student?
  • Do the schools in your ISD have adequate security measures and staffs to manage a large influx of non-English speaking illegal alien students that have grown up in violent countries of origins, been brutalized by traffickers and cartel members, or traumatized by the experience of getting to the United States?  Do your schools have the capability of managing youths that are members of or affiliated with criminal gangs?
  • Are the schools in your ISD prepared to accept illegal alien students from Central American countries that do not have the quality of health care as in the United States?   Are health protocols in place to protect our children from common diseases endemic to the Third World?

Breitbart Texas reported on June 26 that a unaccompanied minor infected with the H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) had been confirmed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at their human warehousing facility at Lackland AFB near San Antonio. Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) confirmed this with Breitbart Texas and said, “Having spent the weekend on our border, I can tell you that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is not taking charge of the undocumented children in any kind of reasonable time frame as they are absolutely required to do.”

“It is becoming more and more apparent that the Obama administration’s reckless disregard for enforcing this nation’s laws at the border has become a reckless disregard for human health and life,” Gohmert stated. “Even when they spend a hundred times more than necessary, they can’t even build a website.”

The CLTP press release states that according to the Office of Border Health, the list of communicable diseases crossing the border is staggering; including but not limited to Chagas, Scabies, TB, Leishmaniasis, Dengue Fever, Valley Fever, Measles, Pertussis, Polio, Pinworms and Hepatitis.

“Our communities, and certainly our schools, are not prepared to deal with this. The politicians in Austin should be concerned for our children,” says Mary Huls, President, CLTP.

The group is calling for action by our state’s lawmakers and school district officials who must be prepared to deal with this potential crisis. “All Texas ISD’s should immediately begin planning to accommodate this surge and begin discussions with Texas state and federal legislators,” the CLTP states in its press release. “We must begin the crisis planning immediately to address the catastrophic wave of minor school age children that could be enrolled in Texas schools this coming September.”

“Therefore,” the group concludes, “the CLTP implores Governor Perry to call a Special Session so that the Texas Legislature can uphold their responsibility to the citizens of Texas and deal with all of the peripheral issues as a result of the influx of persons crossing our southern border illegally. We believe that waiting until the January session is not a cost effective or civically responsible maneuver to deal with these urgent issues.”

Bob Price is a staff writer and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.


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