Battleground Tea Party Of Texas is proud to endorse and support Lt. Governor David Dewhurst


From Battleground TEA Party of Texas

“Battleground Tea Party Of Texas is proud to endorse & support Lt. Governor David Dewhurst in the ‘run-off’ against his opponent. After sitting for 3 1/2 hours with other Tea Party Leaders yesterday at Grace Community Church and listening to his answers to hard questions, I came away with a different opinion of him than the one I had previously held. There was not one question asked of him that he did not respond to. He was awesome folks! He looked us in the eye and promised that he would stay true to his word in standing his ground on committments he made. These were not questions asked of him as to what kind of underwear he wears like the Liberal media asked Obama. These where tough questions and he gave back answers to each & everyone one of us. I got to meet for the first time the real deal folks, DAVID DEWHURST. His policies and procedures for protecting our borders are great and already in place and working. His orders are to engage if engaged and not to ignore like the Federal mandates to the Border Patrol, whose hands seem to be tied at this time and prevent them from doing their jobs.”

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