Pearland TEA Party 2014 Endorsed Candidates

Endorsed Candidates 2014 PearlandTEA Party

2 responses to “Pearland TEA Party 2014 Endorsed Candidates

  1. Bernardino Leija

    Why did Medina not answer the question that was provided to her when asked by Beck during the interview? The question is, ”does she believe the government is or was involved in the incident?”
    I have inclosed the interview for review.
    I have 25-50 latino votes on this issue.

    • Hello Bernardino,

      Have you read the text of the transcript not just what was played on the radio? You may come to another conclusion. I also met with her and asked questions as it relates to the position she is seeking. We concluded she is the best person to ask the tough questions and shed light on our Texas public finances.


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