Perhaps the Last Chance for the Republic


Over the course of the last sessions of The 5000 Year Leap we never made it to Principle 19 but based on the continued course of events it is worth a review now. One of the most heavily debated topics during the founding of this Republic was just how much power to cede to the Federal Government. The Founders originally despised a central government so much that the Articles of Confederation created such a weak Federal Government that it eventually became unworkable.
We are now in the midst of what the Founders feared most of all. That eventually the power would centralize so much in Washington, D.C. that the system would begin to slide into tyranny. Each passing day brings news that this is in fact the case. Whether it is by EPA Regulations or Executive Order, the corruption and extinction of the rule of law have led the Federal Government to perform acts as bad as or worse than when the Founders wrote the Declaration of Independence against the abuses of England. There is however one last escape route to restore our Republic. A return to Principle 19 of Limiting the Federal Government through the use of the Tenth Amendment and States Rights.
The words to the Tenth Amendment are short but powerful in meaning:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
I had originally glanced passed this but with the publishing of Mark Levin’s new book The Liberty Amendments, I started looking into this more.

Washington, D.C. has proven time and again it has become the ‘fire’ that President Washington warned of. No matter what the people try to enact on Washington the forces have become so entrenched that controlling them becomes like squeezing jello. The last chance now is to try and bring the fight more local. Push the state legislatures to take back their rightful control and put the Federal government back in its box.
Texas has elected one United States Senator that now leads the nation in what a Senator should be doing for his constituents but it now has a chance to elect one that could lead us back to our rightful heritage in relation to States Rights. I have had the pleasure of listening to Dwayne Stovall ( ) on a couple of occasions and he offers the TEA Party the opportunity to put its actions in alignment with its convictions. Each time I hear him speak he advocates one primary thing; returning the Senate to the control of the State Legislatures. That is a key piece of the puzzle to restoring the Tenth Amendment. Imagine if to stop legislation in Washington you can contact your State Representative and State Senator to put pressure on our United States Senator to kill the bill. This is the idea behind Strong Local Self Government.
My efforts going forward will be focused on opportunities to re-establish the Sovereignty of the Great State of Texas and I encourage everyone to do their own investigation into this avenue as well. Along with that take the chance to listen to Dwayne Stovall and I think it will provide new hope back into a long and tedious battle to restore our liberties!

Jim Logan
Pearland TEA Party


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