South American Marxism Alive and Well in the United States

What do the following individuals all have in common?


Juan Velasco Alvarado


Hugo Chavez

Gustavo Gutiérrez

Barack Obama

Give up? They are all products of Marxism mixed with what is today termed as Liberation Theology. How do I know? I was born and raised in Lima, Peru and experienced first-hand the effects of those ideologies put into action. The first picture is Velasco Alvarado. He was a Peruvian general who seized power in Peru from 1968 to 1975.

He seized power in what he termed an attempt to bring Justice to the poor. In essence he believed that the ruling class was benefiting at the expense of the indigenous poor in Peru. He enacted what he termed Agrarian Reforms in an attempt to correct this wrong. What is it that he really did? He was a Marxist hiding behind the façade of helping the poor. He flouted the Constitution and the rule of law. He took private property, haciendas(farms), and gave them to his political cronies. During his disastrous rule a young Hugo Chavez visited him and took away a small ‘playbook’ for revolution which he carried with him back to Venezuela where he eventually carried out his own disastrous Marxist revolution. By the end of Alvarado’s dictatorship Peru had fallen from the number one exporter of Sugar Cane, dried fish powder and several other products in the world to rationing food to its own people. Inflation had hit 5000%. People would stand in line for hours to spend their paycheck on food because the day after they got paid their money would be worthless. Foreign investors and companies had fled Peru due to Nationalization.

At the same time Alvarado was implementing his Marxist ideology a Catholic Priest named Gustavo Gutierrez was writing what is now called the Introduction to Liberation Theology. What was that you might ask? Well it is in its simplest form using Religion to Justify Wealth Redistribution to the poor. Marxism masked by Religious misinterpretation. Gutierrez advocated that Western culture had profited at the expense of the indigenous populations and it was the responsibility of the Church and the Government to correct this Injustice.
So how you ask does this impact the United States? Well quite simply. The Priest Gutierrez’s influence has been widespread and continues under the radar screen to this day. Three primary areas of note:

First, from Liberation Theology sprang ‘Black’ Liberation Theology. In essence the twisting of this religious doctrine that advocates that the white European descendants unjustly profited at the expense of the Black Race. From the pulpit the advocates of this perversion of religion advocate that the government and religious institutions should redistribute that Unjust Wealth back to the Black Race. This was the primary belief of none other than Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s pastor for 20 years.

Second, from the indoctrination of Obama into this you now see Liberation Theology being played out by the US government in basically every policy decision they make. Whether it is domestic or international Barack Obama approaches every decision from a reference point of Liberation Theology. The Department of Agriculture paid out millions to Black Farmers based on the assumption that they were discriminated against. Black Panthers are not prosecuted for Voter Intimidation because they are only reacting to the years of oppression from the White European descendant power base. Internationally Obama sides with our traditional enemies in Radical Islam based on his belief that they are being oppressed again by the white European descendant power base.

Lastly and most surprisingly is the connection to the current Pope and his recent condemnation of capitalism. Pope Francis is from Argentina and has probably for years been aware of and indoctrinated in the Liberation Theology of his counterpart in Peru, Father Gutierrez. With his current statements condemning Capitalism there is little doubt where this current Pope’s allegiance lies. He explicitly states he believes it is the responsibility of the government to make sure wealth is distributed justly to the poor. And as for Father Gutierrez, he is now an honorary Professor here in the United States at Notre Dame University in Indiana!

In the end the United States faces some formidable opponents to the American pursuit of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The extremely concerning matter is that all that is being touted has been tried in South America over and over again to the same results. Government theft of private property or Wealth redistribution has always resulted in the same things abject poverty on a scale previously unseen and eventual collapse of the economy. Look no further than Peru in the sixties and seventies. It has taken forty years for the economy of Peru to return to any semblance of its original strength. Venezuela has now fallen into chaos to the point that even toilet paper is rationed.

I was originally born a Peruvian and a Catholic. I left Peru to become a Legal United States Citizen because as Ronald Reagan said this is the last place on earth for freedom and pursuing your dreams. Now it seems the Catholic Church has abandoned freedom as well. They are hypocrites to deny that they along with millions of others have benefitted enormously from the American Free market system and capitalism. It appears now that the South American Marxist policies are incorporated into the religious and government fabric of the United States. Americans need to wake up and recognize the danger before it is too late!

Carla Logan
Pearland TEA Party

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