Observations on the Free Market Economy

September 15th, 2013

After the Pearland TEA Party’s discussion on Thursday night I thought that it might be good to follow up with a summary of some key take aways in relation to events swirling around in the media today.

First a little reflection on the four Natural Laws of Free Market economics:

The Freedom to Try
The Freedom to Buy
The Freedom to Sell
The Freedom to Fail

I believe that there is no one in this country today that would deny we have allowed the government to intrude on each and everyone of these Natural Laws that are necessary to insure a continued free country. Based on the distractions that this administration uses I’m sure that this story has flown under the radar but it is extremely relevant:

Armed EPA raid in Alaska sheds light on 70 fed agencies with armed divisions

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/09/14/armed-epa-agents-in-alaska-shed-light-on-70-fed-agencies-with-armed-divisions/?intcmp=latestnews#ixzz2eyeK7Pdx

So in reviewing this you might ask how is this relevant to the Free Market? The Federal Government today is using the concept of ‘Nudging’ made popular by advisors to the Obama Administration, Cass Sunstein, to manipulate the Free People of the United States. The EPA is the poster child for this type of manipulation and now intimidation. They use Unconstitutional Federal Agencies to write regulations that are treated as law to interfere with the American Public’s decision to try various economic pursuits. In the particular story above they are intimidating the public in issues of developing the earth’s resources that God gave us. The most dangerous thing noted above is when you now look at what the ROLE of government should be in a Free Market economy:

Protect the Public from Illegal Force
Protect the Public from Fraud
Protect the Public from Monopoly
Protect the Public from Debauchery

The government now is perpetrating the very items they were authorized by the Constitution to protect against. First and foremost the Unconstitutional Agencies are ‘arming’ themselves and now use ‘illegal’ force to intimidate and interfere with people’s choices. Secondly they use the Fraud of Global Climate change to justify their actions. Lastly they use the first two abuses to help create ‘monopolistic’ companies such as GE, Monsanto, and many more that use the government to eliminate their competition.

So next time you contemplate why the Economy is still so bad after the 2008 collapse ponder what role the government should play and what abuses they are perpetrating before our very eyes. And every time a Continuing Resolution is passed that continues funding these Unconstitutional Agencies our ‘Representatives’ are violating their Oath of Office.

Jim Logan
Pearland TEA Party

One response to “Observations on the Free Market Economy

  1. Jim great discussion on Thursday night and great recap here. Thanks so much for educating us! Keep it up!

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