A Patriots Critical Thinking Guide to Syria

In light of the media barrage that the current Washington, D.C. Progressives are about to unleash on the American Public I thought it might be good to put into practice what the Founders believed was Mans attribute in common with God, Reason. In modern times we might refer to this as Critical Thinking. So I don’t profess to present answers here but encourage Americans to get engaged and if you can answer these questions then it might help you decide for yourself as an American Citizen what our Responsibility as a nation if any is in Syria.

I consider the base questions to be a question of Values. What American Value has any politician stated as the guiding principle for why we should get involved? Is it Religious Freedom? I would question that both sides are heavily influenced by Radical Islam, either the Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaeda. Both support Sharia Law which only recognizes Islam.
Or is it support of Individual Liberty and Freedom? Again perhaps not since as noted above Sharia doesn’t support this either.
In the end the argument might be the Right to Life? This in itself might be found to be fallacious as well. Is the value of Life more cheap in North Korea where thousands die a slow death from starvation? But in the end if as a Patriot you can identify from our Politicians the value that guides this, especially from President Obama on Tuesday, then perhaps you can go to the next question.

The next question would be one based on having Moral and Virtuous Leaders making the case to our Republic. Do you think that the ‘Leaders’ making the case are Moral and Virtuous…credible?

There are four primary politicians trying to convince you; John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, and Barrack Obama. The first three can be dealt with separately from the later. John McCain makes the same case that we would only encourage the use of WMD’s by doing nothing, and if the Syrians continue they might interrupt the world energy supply. Finally he guarantees there will be NO boots on the ground. The question you have to ask yourself is does just because he was a POW 40 years ago make him beyond question on military matters because in the end that is what he uses to shut down opposition. You need look no further than two recent events which based on McCains original arguments would question his credibility. The Arab Spring. John McCain stated that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was not our enemy and would not get power in Egypt. Over a year later and thousands of dead Christians might disagree with John McCain.
Secondly is Benghazi, McCain promised to get to the bottom of four dead Americans in Benghazi. Again over a year later, no action on people in the State Department responsible for the incompetence that led to it or against the terrorist that perpetrated it. In general you can class Lindsey Graham with McCain just without the war record. So are they credible Moral and Virtuous Leaders?

John Kerry represents the same views as the former two but with an actual distinction. He disgraced his War Record. He neither served with honor nor told to the truth to Congress at the end of his service after Vietnam. So check for yourself is he a credible Moral and Virtuous Leader?

The last is the most important because he will use the most powerful office in the world in a few days to convince Americans to use American Blood and Treasure to enter into a conflict, President Obama. He now has a true record Americans should weigh against his request? Here are several issues that you should look for answers on before you extend anymore trust to him:

Fast and Furious. His administration authorized illegal guns to cross international borders and get into the hands of drug cartels. Americans and Mexicans were killed because of it. To date no member of his administration has been held accountable.
In terms of American Security, the American Public overwhelmingly want the border secured. To date he has undermined that effort at every turn.
IRS harassment of US Citizens. His administration openly used the IRS to harass political opponents and to date no one is held accountable.
Most Importantly Libya and Benghazi. Obama completely ignored the American public on the use of force in Libya. Now he mocks the American Public by asking for permission. Is this perhaps because only his beloved international community at the United Nations no longer trusts him. And secondly after Libya became a lawless chaotic state Terrorists attacked our consulate and killed 4 Americans. To date no answers or Justice has come for these four dead.

So at the end of it, what values does this President exhibit from our Republic? And is he a credible Moral and Virtuous Leader?

Jim Logan – Pearland TEA Party

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