Sept 7, 2013: “We Are America” Rally – Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA)


Saturday Sept 7, 2013  3:00pm-5:00pm

Clear Lake Tea Party is working in conjunction with the Black American Leadership Alliance to bring you this event.
Scheduled speakers to date:
Apostle Claver – Raging Elephants
Charles Butler – a member of BALA and has a radio showed based out of Chicago
Maria Martinez- IRCOT
Erroll Ivery – CLTP Member

This rally will be a message to our representatives that we are aware of the horrible repercussions that the immigration bill would have on unemployment in not only the entire country but especially in the black communities and we will not support any law that does not secure our borders in America FIRST.
Save this date & more details will be posted soon!!

Location: North Shore Rotary Pavilion, 
Houston, Texas, 77049

Check out the BALA’s website:

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