Pro-Life Bill Vote Disallowed in the Senate/Special Session Called

By Heidi Hansing Thiess

When the Tea Party lobbied the Lege all last session, we had to sit quietly and calmly in the gallery, even when something was happening on the floor that we strenuously disagreed with (like the vote for Straus for Speaker). If we talked to one another, if we didn’t stay in our seats, if we pulled out a phone (not allowed!), we would be approached by Capitol police. So we acted respectful at all times, and none of us disrupted the proceedings. Typical Tea Party.

So watch the outrageous behavior of the pro-abortion mobs at the Capitol last night. Unbelievable! It was not only allowed, but the pro-death Senators on the floor were egging them on and raising their hands in a “v” to show their approval of the near-riot. It worked. The bill protecting Texas women and babies was recorded 3 minutes too late.

For one thing, I find it heartbreaking that there are so many people who are so passionately animated by the idea of killing babies, and abusing women in filthy and grotesque abortuaries. For another, I am galled by the massive sabotage and incompetence demonstrated by leadership in both the House and Senate. Lastly, I am so sad for what humanity has become. Howling mobs screaming for the “right” to kill babies after 20 weeks, and gleeful politicians crowing in victory about not protecting the unborn from the painful death of late gestation abortion, or women from dangerous Gosnell-like charnal houses. Gross. Evil.

PTP Note:  See two articles below.  The first one is one that Heidi posted along with her comments above.  The second is an article about Governor Perry calling for a special session.  Telephone calls to the Governor do work!

Abortion Battle:  Chaos Erupts in Texas Senate as Protesters Try to  Shut Down Vote on Pro-Life Bill After Failed Filibuster (UPDATED)

Gov. Perry calls 2nd special session of the Texas Legislature to address abortion restrictions

One response to “Pro-Life Bill Vote Disallowed in the Senate/Special Session Called

  1. Heidi and Sheri Edwards, thanks so much for keeping us informed on these actions in real time. Thank God our elected officials stood firm in the 2nd Special Session.

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