Love of Family and Country brings leaders to oppose Amnesty Bill S.744

Common Love
Draws Texas Leaders
HOUSTON, TX – A common love for family and country brought concerned leaders to the Nationwide Press Conference to Oppose S.744, which took place yesterday in front of Senator John Cornyn’s Memorial Drive office.

Leaders shared their area of expertise and experiences. All understand very well that the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill will sink America. “S.44 does not contain an ounce of consideration for our families,” said Maria Espinoza, President of Houston Eagle Forum.

Reverend Gilmore’s words, “The responsibilility of leadership in America is for the benfit of America!”

Attendees and these speakers like those below are “holding-the-line” for the rest of Americans!

Maria Espinoza – President of Houston Eagle Forum, Founder of The Remembrance Project.
Reverend Gilmore, Founder, Real Urban Ministries, Inc.
Larry K., President of Texans for Immigration Reductions and Enforcements (TFIRE)
Pedro R., Veteran and Vice-President Pearland Tea Party Board
Bill M., President, Sugar Land Tea Party
Art B., Tea Party Immigration Coalition
Liz T., Founder, Stop the Magnet
Vincent, small business owner and concerned citizen.
Maria M., Executive Director, IRCOT

Over 26,000 signed Petition opposing S.744, which was delivered to Sen John Cornyn and to Cong Ted Poe.

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