Pearland City Council Majority Supports your 2nd Amendment Rights, Councilman Scott Sherman wants it known He Does Not !

Reprinted from Article by Dennis Edwards in Texas

For those who may not have heard… the Resolution to Protect and Defend the 2nd Amendment (RPD2A) was PASSED Monday, March 25th by the Pearland City Council.  Thank you to Councilmen Greg Hill and Keith Ordeneaux for pushing it through and asking it to be placed on the agenda. Thank you to Pearland Mayor Tom Reid, Councilman Owens, Councilwoman Sherrouse,  for supporting and voting for this important resolution.

Voting for and enacting this resolution, simply stated; helps to preserve, defend and protect our Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights here in Pearland; as their City Council oaths would have (should have) required them all to do.

The resolution as passed was largely symbolic in that it’s legal “teeth” had been removed. It was an important vote though to see to what extent the City of Pearland will support the rights of their citizens as guaranteed by our Constitution. After observing the discussion I believe that even the stronger version, with all of it’s “teeth” would probably have passed if it had been introduced…  and why was the resolution so “watered-down”? It appears I believe and from what I have been told, that the city’s attorney may have had a great deal to say as to the context of the resolution as passed. During discussion of the resolution the attorneys only point was that our Constitution doesn’t guarantee our rights, it grants them. Really?  If this is the way our city’s attorney actually believes, I might suggest we find a city attorney who has a greater and more comprehensive understanding of our Republic’s Constitution. Our unalienable rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of our happiness are GRANTED us as humans at birth by our CREATOR… If our Constitution DOESN’T guarantee our rights, then WHO DOES? Our government?  I thank GOD daily that’s not the case. Think of our 2nd Amendment as the “enforcement clause”, the guarantee, to our Constitution and then ask yourselves why truly this current Administration is working so hard to pass whatever laws they can to further infringe our 2nd Amendment rights.

The important message for Pearland residents is that the majority of the Pearland City Council does support the Constitutional rights of those that voted for them. The one(1) council member vocally opposing the resolution was Councilman Scott Sherman… apparently even though, as he pointed out, that the vote was largely symbolic, he very symbolically made sure the resolution was amended so as to indicate that the “majority” of the Council voted for it and that HE DID NOT. Councilman Scott Sherman wanted to ensure that the citizens, the taxpayers, the hard working voters of Pearland to KNOW he did not want to even SYMBOLICALLY support their Constitutional rights as guaranteed by our Constitution… specifically apparently, a citizens rights to keep and bear arms does not deserve or rise to the level to receive Councilman Scott Sherman’s support.

I would highly question if the majority of Pearland voters would agree with Councilman Scott Sherman on his position… perhaps the voters of Pearland will also highly question who they are electing to represent THEM when he comes up for re-election.

I would ask Councilman Sherman that if he truly believes that greater gun control, gun registration, and similar infringements are necessary as an “answer” to tragedies like the recent Sandy Hook shootings, then he should study history.

“This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.”   –Adolf Hitler, 1935

Please when you get the chance, contact the Pearland City Council and thank them for their support and vote, their courage in recognizing the need for this important resolution and passing it.

Pearland City Council / CONTACT INFORMATION

All City Council members may be emailed at:

If you would like to call and thank them or discuss with them:

Tom Reid  / Mayor / Phone: 281-652- 1654 /

All of the council members may be reached by phone at:  281-652-1662

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