Texas for Sale: Lawmaker seeks to hand TX roads to foreign entities

Rep. Larry Phillips’ bill, HB 3391, is up for a hearing Tuesday, March 26, in the House Transportation Committee that would give TxDOT and toll authorities a BLANK CHECK to enter into TRANS TEXAS CORRIDOR-style toll contracts that hand control of at least 26 Texas roads every two years until 2017 to private, even foreign, corporations in sweetheart deals for a HALF CENTURY. The bill expands these public private partnerships (P3s) to RAIL, too!

More info on these controversial contracts here.

We need YOU to oppose this bill.


We need YOU to do one of the following:

1) Attend the House Transportation Committee hearing Tuesday, March 26 (Rm. E2.012 – starts at 8 AM, but likely won’t be heard until the afternoon) to testify against this horrible bill that will cost Texas commuters 75 cents a mile to use our public roads;


2) If you can’t stay to testify, register against the bill at the Capitol (register AGAINST the bill on the i-Pad looking kiosks outside committee rooms);


3) Call the House Transportation Committee member (Capitol Switchboard is 512-463-4630) closest to your city and tell them to vote ‘No on HB 3391’ (more talking points below)

Rep. Larry Phillips (Sherman-Denison/Grayson Cty area) – 512-463-0297
Rep. George Lavender (East Texas) – 512-463-0692
Rep. Allen Fletcher (Houston) – 512-463-0661
Rep. Debbie Riddle (Houston) – 512-463-0572
Rep. Linda Harper-Brown (Irving/North Texas) – 512-463-0641
Rep. Yvonne Davis (Dallas) – 512-463-0598
Rep. Cindy Burkett (Mesquite/North Texas) – 512-463-0464
Rep. Ruth McClendon (San Antonio) – 512-463-0708
Rep. Joe Pickett (El Paso) – 512-463-0596
Rep. Mando Martinez (Hidalgo County/the Rio Grande Valley) – 512-463-0530
Rep. Robert Guerra (Hidalgo County/the Rio Grande Valley) – 512-463-0578


EMAIL the entire House Transportation Committee in one click here: house_hc@texasturf.org

Tell them: “Vote ‘No’ on HB 3391. We do not want you to hand Texas roads to private corporations who extract exorbitant toll rates (75 cents/mile) from commuters just to get to work. Texas roads belong to Texans. It’s anti-liberty and un-Texan to hand our state sovereignty over public infrastructure to private, even foreign, entities for a HALF CENTURY in sweetheart deals that guarantee profits & congestion on free routes. We don’t want this authority to extend to RAIL boondoggles either!”

SPECIAL NOTE: Be sure to include your full name, address, and phone.


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