What is NDAA and why does it matter to you?

By Heidi Theiss

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 passed the Senate with a 98-0 vote. The NDAA is a huge federal law that among other things specifies the budget and expenditures for the Department of Defense.

Recently, Senator Rand Paul with the help of one of our own Senator Ted Cruzfilibustered over the use of drones. While the drone issue should concern us all, the NDAA has one specific section that should be considered just as scary.

The Indefinite Detention Clause: Section 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA bill of 2013 allows for the “indefinite detention of American citizens without due process at the discretion of the President.” Section 1021 has been challenged as a violation of constitutional principles and the United States Bill of Rights. The indefinite detention clause has been broadly denounced nationally and internationally

Section 1022 says that the administration is not REQUIRED to keep a U.S. citizen or legal resident alien in indefinite military custody. But it does not prevent the administration from doing so.
Citizens must not only be formally charged but also receive jury trials and the other protections our Constitution guarantees. Habeas corpus is simply the beginning of due process. It is by no means the whole,” stated Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) stated.
In Texas, there is movement in our State legislature to stop the unconstitutional reach of the Federal government  Texas House Bill 149, The Liberty Preservation Act to nullify NDAA “indefinite detention,” is one of the strongest bills in the country in response to that unconstitutional federal act.We, The People along with the Tenth Amendment Center have called us to action to ensure our Legislators protect our sovereignty and safety by upholding the 5th Amendment of our Constitution.I have a local resolution ready to go to protect the citizens of League City. With Geri Bentley’s Accountability in Government resolution and my NDAA Resolution, I encourage you to attend the March 26th City Council Meeting in League City. Your support and voice is needed!I, along with Texas-based We, The People and the Tenth Amendment Center  are calling you to action to ensure our Legislators protect our sovereignty and safety by upholding the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution  and the 12th Section of Article 1 of the Texas Constitution.

See the steps below to protect ALL Texans!

Action Items for HB 149:

1. Contact  the committee chair of Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility  Call and politely let Representative Creighton know that you’d like to see HB149 get a hearing and YES vote very soon.

Brandon Creighton (512) 463-0726

2. Contact the other members of the committee. Respectfully let each of them know that you expect a YES vote so the full house can consider HB149

Cindy Burkett (512) 463-0464
Eddie Lucio III (512) 463-0606
Scott Turner (512) 463-0484
Armando Walle (512) 463-0924

3. Encourage your local community to take action as well.  Present the Liberty Preservation Act to your city county, your town council, or your county commissioners.  Various local governments around the country are already passing similar resolutions and ordinances.  Local legislative action present a great way to strengthen a statewide campaign against NDAA indefinite detention.

League City Council Members
Mayor – Tim Paulissen
Position 1 – Dan Becker
Position 2 – Dennis OKeeffe
Position 3 – Heidi Thiess
Position 4 – Todd Kinsey
Position 5 – Geri Bentley
Position 6 – Andy Mann
Position 7 – Joanna Sharp Dawson

Model legislation here:

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