Conference Call Tonight – Sound the Alarm!

Calling all grassroots conservatives in Texas!  Sound the alarm!  There’s trouble brewing in Austin. The “Kings of Texas” are coming for your liberty and your wallets!

Statewide Conference Call with JoAnn Fleming (Director Grassroots America & TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee Chair) and Terri Hall (TURF Director & Founder – Texas United for Reform & Freedom)
WHEN: Tuesday Night @ 7:00 pm
CALL-IN #: 1-626-677-3000
PASS CODE: 347970
The Problem: Anti-liberty Legislation is ALIVE and WELL in Austin!  Establishment Republicans who do not share our values have plans for you:
  • Plans to mushroom state debt with 100 YEAR BONDS.
  • Plans to push debt down to the local level, opening the door for MORE PROPERTY TAX INCREASES.
  • Plans to hand out more taxpayer dollars to well-connected special interests via CORPORATE WELFARE.
  • Plans to SABOTAGE THE TERM LIMITS BILLS in the House and Senate.
  • Plans to build ALL future state highways as CORPORATE TOLL ROADS and sell them off to foreign multinationals (the TransTexas Corridor plan blown up all across the state).
  • Plans to use eminent domain power for PRIVATE GAIN via transportation policy.
  • Plans to continue the ACCOUNTING GIMMICKS and SMOKE AND MIRRORS to “balance” the state budget on paper while running up more debt.
  • Plans to expand Medicaid in the quest for ObamaCare dollars–bankrupting our state in the process.
The Solution:  YOU ARE THE SOLUTION.  Nobody’s coming to save us–but US!
Watch out for liberal and moderate legislators signing up to support Second Amendment and pro-life legislation while stealing your liberty and your children’s future!  Don’t be fooled!  We must look at THE ENTIRE RECORD — not just the easy votes.  It’s easy to support the 2nd Amendment and be pro-life in Texas…even liberal Republicans can, but they hide a multitude of other sins under those two important issues, hoping you won’t look at the rest of their record!  Don’t let them get away with it!
Be informed!  Jump on the conference call Tuesday night at 7 PM with JoAnn and Terri.  They are fighting hard for us in Austin!

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