Illegal Aliens Treated Better by Government than Veterans

By Sheri Edwards

Yes, you heard me correctly.  I said illegal aliens — I did not use the politically-correct verbage, “undocumented workers”.  People who are in this country ILLEGALLY are being treated better than the men and women who have put their lives on the line for all of us.  And why does our government continue to “set the table” so invitingly for those who are not citizens, using our tax dollars?  Is this a government representing your views and values?

I continue to hear elected officials talk about immigration reform, which has America talking.  Immigration reform is putting the cart before the horse.  To me it makes no sense to discuss reforming anything about immigration, until we first have a meaningful conversation about closing our borders.  When our elected officials first address the root of the problem, borders allowing in those who are not citizens to partake of our jobs, government benefits including free health care and even social security benefits (not even taking into account increased crime), then I will listen to their ideas.  However, for me, any talk of immigration reform without first closing our borders, is only rhetoric.  It is time that we send word to our elected officials that we are tired of their grandstanding and catering to a specific group of people and lobbyists, and begin to have a meaningful discussion about securing our borders.


One response to “Illegal Aliens Treated Better by Government than Veterans

  1. Jerry Bootenhoff

    Right on, Sheri! It’s time we get our ducks in a row and our military should be No. 1. God bless them and our country!

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