Brazoria County Republican Party Executive Committee Passes Cscope Resolution

Monday night the Brazoria County Republican Party Executive Committee unanimously adopted the following Cscope Resolution.  The resolution will be sent to every school board in Brazoria County and to all of our elected officials.

The resolution comes close to the one passed by the State Republican Executive Committee on March 2, 2013.  See here for a copy of that resolution.  Here is the resolution passed in Brazoria County.

Resolution on Cscope Curriculum Program

Whereas Grassroots activist discovered an unauthorized and unaccountable program designed by the Texas Service Centers Curriculum Collaborative know as “CSCOPE”.

Whereas the Curriculum refers to the Boston Tea Party as an act of terrorism.

Whereas the curriculum refers to the 9/11 attackers as Freedom Fighters.

Whereas Islam is promoted over all other religions through giving it more time and energy.

Whereas the curriculum teaches that Communism is a more superior system than Free Market Capitalism.

Whereas Children are asked to design a new Communism Flag.

Whereas Cscope has hidden their financial records from the public and our State Senate.

Whereas Cscope has had no external review.

Whereas the curriculum teaches about a Muslim woman’s Sexual Lifestyle,

Whereas teachers are given gag orders about the content of the curriculum

Whereas new teachers coming into teaching will be indoctrinated by the curriculum.

Whereas in math, unlike the proper and right way to reduce factions, they allow them to remain unreduced.

Whereas the curriculum teaches that there is no absolute truth.

Whereas the directors and supervisors of the curriculum have denied access to the parents of the children who are being taught the curriculum.

Whereas the curriculum plagiarizes another text for science lessons.

Whereas the curriculum allows for other interpretations of the amendments to the constitution (IE: The second amendment could mean for a militia but not the individual.)

Whereas the author, Linda Hammond of the curriculum is also a friend of Bill Ayers.

Be It resolved that we adopt the resolution of the State Republican Executive Committee that was passed on March 2nd, 2013.

Resolved that the state legislature pass a bill allowing those teachers that were fired due to the gag orders or opposition to the curriculum be reinstated or allowed to be rehired.

Resolved that those school boards in Brazoria County should be put on notice that they should adopt a new curriculum and completely replace Cscope by August 1st, 2013 or have an opponent that we in our Republican Party support.

Resolved that those authors of this curriculum never be allowed to sell a curriculum to the state of Texas.


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