Brazoria County, Texas blocks TEA Party use of County facilities

“Alvin TEA Party Patriots were delighted that the Day of Resistance, Sat. (2/23/13), was quite a success with about 150 people taking part. About 25 people brought their firearms and had them inspected and tagged for the event. Our security coverage was excellent (thank you Brazoria Co. constables)and everybody had a great time visiting with each other and enjoying the speakers. Gary Burris – Founder and President of the Lone Star Shooting Asso. in Tomball, was the key-note speaker. TX Rep., Ed Thompson discussed bills he has co-authored concerning gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. These bills are currently with the Calendar Committee. Participants were invited to voice their opinions and concerns for a 3 min. rant and a donation to Alvin TEA Party Patriots. We had several takers! Everybody seemed to enjoy the event and asked us to have more than one of these in the future.

The TEA Party is still hunting for a meeting place for future events. We have a place where the Steering Committee meets, but to hold an event inside, involving a number of participants, is the problem. The Brazoria County Commissioner’s Court and D.A. Jeri Yenne have ruled we can no longer meet in our county court houses. Their reasoning is that we serve no purpose to the community and since we receive no funds from the state (as does the Republican and Democrat Parties) we do not qualify. Military Moms and Wives and Meals On Wheels are currently using county facilities for their meetings. I don’t know how the state is funding them, but evidently they qualify. We need a facility that will hold about 50 people. Until we find one we cannot schedule events for the public to attend. This is of great concern to us since there will be a city and school election in May. Our candidate forums, in the past, have attracted many of our Brazoria County citizens. If anyone knows of a facility that would fit our needs please let us know. This effects all 7 of the Brazoria County TEA Parties.”

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