Alvin TEA Party Patriots Day of Resistance Rally

From Alvin TEA Party:

It was exciting to see so many patriots come together for a national Day of Resistance rally to protect our second amendment rights yesterday.  We began the rally with prayer, pledges to the American and Texas flags, and a singing of our National Anthem.EPSON MFP image

Our first speaker was Gary Burris, Founder and President of Lone Star Shooting Association (LSSA) a Texas non-profit corporation that raises funds to fight for gun rights.

Our second speaker was Ed Thompson, Texas House Representative District 29.  Ed addressed the current legislation filed.  Ed has asked that we read the legislation filed, and let our representatives know how we feel about legislation BEFORE it comes to a vote.  Our representatives need to hear from us. Ed will provide us with a listing of all filed legislation that we will post here within a few days.

Thank you to Stanton’s, who allowed us to use their parking lot across from their store for the rally.  To support those who have supported us, please shop local, shop Stanton’s, a unique grocery, hardware, feed store and propane.  Thank you to our speakers, Gary Burris and Ed Thompson.  Thank you to Cav Crocker for providing the sound system and music.  You are always so generous to the cause!  Thank you to everyone who worked behind the scenes to make the rally a success.  And most of all, thank you to all the patriots who attended the rally and stood up for their 2nd Amendment rights.  Each of you made a success of our rally and sent a message that our rights will not be infringed!

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