Stand With Us for Texas School Children Saturday Feb 23, 2013

Please join TPPF (Texas Public Policy Foundation) and organizations from across the state for a press conference on the North Steps of the State Capitol at 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

Together, we will show the media and our legislators that there is a strong base of support that the path to improving education is not through raising taxes and throwing more money at the status quo, but instead through increasing the educational options available to Texas students and parents.

Whether your interest is in charter schools, virtual learning, blended learning, home schools, scholarships, Taxpayer Savings Grants, home rule schools, or all of the above, if you believe increasing competition will improve education as it has virtually every other facet of our economy, if you believe that parents deserve choice, we would be honored to have you stand with us for Texas school children this Saturday.

Also, at noon on Saturday, government school supporters are converging on the State Capitol for a march and rally under the banner of “Save Texas Schools.”  Their agenda is more money (including higher taxes) for the government schools but with weaker performance accountability and continued protection of what effectively amounts to a monopoly for all but the upper classes.

The teachers unions and others with a vested interest in protecting government schools from competition will be at the Capitol in full force on behalf of the status quo for these schools.


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