Stop The Magnet

Texans for Immigration Reduction and Enforcement, Inc.
A Position Paper on Immigration Legislation
February 1, 2013
Over the last several days news services have reported that the Senate has arrived at an immigration agreement and that Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has participated in and accepted a bi-partisan agreement on immigration. While specifics of an actual bill are still vague, certain assumptions are absolutely wrong. One of the most egregious assumptions is the implication that most Hispanics are illegal or are inclined to condone illegal entry into the United States. This pandering is an insult to U.S. citizens of Spanish and Mexican descent, some of whose families have lived in Texas and the Southwest for hundreds of years and were a crucial part of the war for the independence of Texas in 1836. To infer that these U.S. citizens are the same as those who have illegally entered the U.S. since the last amnesty is demeaning to them as our fellow citizens.

The “Gang of Eight” in the Senate who offered us an amnesty bill five years ago IS the same group simply recycling their prior offering. There is nothing new in their proposals except suggesting that drones be used to secure the southern border. The President’s proposal for “Immigration Reform” contains the fatal flaw of not securing the border and amounts to a mass amnesty and continued open borders.

The great lie of the amnesty/open borders/human trafficking promoters always starts with “First, we must secure the borders.” Proponents of the proposed plans know that the public fully understands that laws are useless unless the border is secured. The Simpson/Mazzoli Immigration and Control Act of 1986 that granted amnesty to illegal aliens was passed and signed into law based on the premise that the borders were to be secured. After securing the borders, no further amnesty was ever to be granted. The federal government did not secure the borders, nor is there any evidence that they ever intended to do so.

If the politicians and the advocates of “immigration reform” had any intention of securing the borders, they would have done that first. Their whole idea is to say we are going to secure the border, but really go ahead with amnesty and legitimization of illegal behavior. One of the best examples of their duplicity is their offer of a guest worker program that ignores the problem of the present interpretation of the 14th Amendment which bestows citizenship to any child born in the U.S. If one of the guest workers has a child in the US, that child has birth right citizenship and can then petition to bring in their extended family.
Another problem of the proposed legislation is the recruiting of highly educated foreign workers to perform work offered by employers who assert that positions cannot be filled by U.S. citizens. These employers omit the fact that they cannot get citizens to work for the low salaries they are willing to pay. It seems difficult to believe that U.S. citizen mathematicians and engineers, with enough brains and talent, are not being graduated by U.S. universities.
Border security MUST occur before any other discussions because national security is of a higher priority than who gets votes from an amnesty. Not all illegal aliens are Hispanic. Large numbers of Islamic jihadists and other terrorists have been infiltrating the U.S. over all of our borders, and we now have a national security problem that likely will result in another 9/11, or worse. Any politician who ignores these facts is as guilty as the perpetrators of the next terrorist act if that act is the result of a terrorist or weapon that crossed our unsecure borders. The next terrorist attack will not differentiate between Democrat and Republican, Hispanic, Anglo, or any other demographic. The blood of the victims will be on the hands of those who left the borders of the United States unsecured.

It is TFIRE’s position that we will know when the border is secured when the area 100 miles inside the border is re-occupied by the land owners and put back into productive use. Drug smugglers, human traffickers and illegal aliens have driven out many of the U.S. citizens from their own homes and ranches north of the border. No person in Washington, D.C. is qualified to state that the area is secure until 80% of the property owners within 100 miles of the border agree that the borders have been secured. Until the property owners along the borders are able to reclaim their property, are not living in fear, and the flow of illegal aliens has stopped, no legislation favorable to illegal aliens should be considered.

Thomas Larry Korkmas, President Texans for Immigration Reductions and Enforcement, Inc. TFIRE

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