Gambling and battleground Texas

Last week Politico reported that Democrats have their hearts set on turning Texas blue. For conservatives who have been paying attention to the push for expanded gambling, this comes as no surprise.

Expanded gambling is the Democrats meal ticket to expanded power in Texas. It is an invitation to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Harry Reid’s political base of power in Nevada. Conservatives must kill the backdoor power grab.

Shockingly for Texans who know about it, In December Harry Reid tried to expand gambling in Texasby way of the U.S. Senate. Reid’s ploy ultimately failed but, if passed, the measure would have given casinos a loophole through which to launch.

For Democrats casinos mean a very powerful lobby (think: trial lawyers but more violent) and unions. Reid relied heavily on casino unions to hold onto his seat in 2010. Gambling expansion in Texas means unions and built-in campaign infrastructure.

Lawmakers and Texans should know this fight isn’t about public policy.

Talking policy is how John Montford, the Democrat, is leading a PR campaign, largely aiming at gambling’s opposition party, the Republicans. (Most recently Montford was an Obama handyman at GM.) However, gambling in Texas consists of several hugely regulated and protected oligolopolies. It is as far from “free-market” as possible. “Free market” is just the veneer Democrats like Montford put on it to try to quiet the opposition.

Democrat Rodney Ellis was the first to file legislation to create casinos in Texas. Like the lottery before it, Ellis is promising that this will bring additional revenue to the state. Texans have been there, done that. The lottery has failed to live up to its promises, and continues to makes the lion’s share of its sales in districts most reliant on government assistance.

Like the lottery, expanded gambling won’t benefit Texans, just a select few who are in on the ground floor.

Gambling expansion is an important plank in the Democratic Party’s plan to take over Texas. Casinos, and the unions that come with them, would be a big victory for them. Conservatives must mobilize in opposition.

Reposted from Agenda Wise Reports 

There are currently six bills filed in the Texas House about gambling.  We have provided a link here so you can see what has been filed and follow the bills through committee and to vote (if they make it out of committee).  Be sure to let your representatives know how you feel about bringing gambling to Texas, along with increased unions, crime and a much larger government to govern it all.

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