COS? What say you?

This from Huldah Publius

Its time for action again! Call them and tell them NO! to a Article V convention an extremely STUPID idea.

As you know, yesterday the North Carolina House voted against the COS application for an Article V convention. We won by 6 votes.

But a few hours later, COS and the treacherous Republican leadership got the members to vote to “reconsider” their vote against SJR 36. So they brought SJR 36 back to life and sent it to a House Committee. There it will wait until COS and Republican leadership twist enough arms and pressure more House Republicans to vote for it.

[Below I use “left” to describe those who want big government; and “right” to describe those who want small government.]

It has always been the Big Money on the Left which wants an Article V convention so they can get rid of the Constitution we have and impose a new one. Some 50+ years ago, the Left came up with the proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America. Under this proposed Constitution, the States are dissolved and replaced by regional governments answerable to the new national government. It sets up a totalitarian dictatorship under which (among other things) we will be disarmed. It is ratified by a national referendum.

It has always been the Right which resisted the periodic pushes for an Article V convention. The Right understands that delegates to an Art. V convention have plenipotentiary powers and can exercise [once again] that “self-evident right” recognized in the 2nd para of our Declaration of Independence, to throw off the Constitution we have and set up a new one which creates a new government.

So the Left changed clothes and changed tactics. Now, they are pretending to be “Right” and they are marketing the con to Republicans. Our State Legislators are, for the most part, jaw-droppingly ignorant of our two Founding Documents. And too many Republican Legislators believe whatever the fake “Right” con-con lobby tells them.

Much confusion has been caused by the Left’s claim that those supporting the con-con are “Libertarian”, “right-wing”, “ultra-conservative”. We know that the Koch Brothers on the fake “Right”, among others, are spending vast sums of money to buy Republican politicians to get them to support an Article V convention. see, e.g.,

Many Republican Legislators, who don’t understand our Founding Principles and Founding Documents, go by the labels which others assign. And since they are told that an Article V convention is the “conservative” position, they go along with it.

So Republican State Legislators who have been bought and paid for, or who go along with their Leadership, are the ones today who are doing the work of the Left by passing applications for an Article V convention. Most of them have no idea of the dangers. In some States (e.g.,Texas, North Carolina), the Republican leadership prohibits their members from hearing voices in opposition at Committee meetings. SJR 36 passed the North Carolina Senate with no public notice of the Committee hearing. Only former US Senator and COS operative Tom Coburn was given advance notice so he was able to attend and speak in support of SJR 36. But those of us on the genuine Right got no advance notice and our voices were not heard at that Senate Committee meeting.

At the hearing on June 28 before the North Carolina House Judiciary Committee IV, the sponsors of SJR 36 were given all the time they wanted to speak for SJR 36; but our Friend, Wynne Coleman, was only allowed one (1) minutes to speak in opposition. One Legislator who opposed was also given only one (1) minute. And that was it for the opposition at this public hearing.

I suggest that the reason the bought and paid for State Republican Legislators prohibit voices in opposition from being heard is that they know that when Legislators are given the TRUTH, they generally oppose an Article V convention.

So We are in imminent peril of losing our Constitution. It seems that what the Fake “Right” now wants is to move us into the North American Union (NAU). Under the NAU, Canada, the United States, and Mexico basically merge, and a Parliament is set up over them. The borders between the 3 countries are to be effectively erased. I have read the Task Force Report on the NAU sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. The globalists (George W. Bush, the Cruzes, etc.) need a new Constitution for the United States which transforms us from a sovereign nation to a member state of the NAU. How do they get a new Constitution? At an Article V convention. How do they get an Article V convention? By lying to the American People and to State Legislators, and by preventing voices in opposition from being heard.

I suggest we better make defeating an Article V convention a primary focus of our lives.

Please get with your State Legislators and educate them. Warn those in your spheres of influence. We must get States to rescind their existing applications for an Article V convention. This past legislative session, 3 States (Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada) rescinded their outstanding applications for an Article V convention! But that took lots of work by many people.

If you want to know what America will look like once the Parliament for the NAU takes control of immigration, look at Europe. And pray that you aren’t disarmed under the new Constitution.

Fight this evil.


Visit to learn more on why you should not want a Convention of States.

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Texas Conservative Grassroots supports Senator Cruz


June 30, 2017

Media Release – For Immediate Release

Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition Leadership Supports Cruz Opposition to current Senate BCRA & Opposes Cornyn’s Push to Fast-track Health Care Bill

Texas – Today, leaders from sixty distinct groups released a coalition letter supporting Texas US Senator Ted Cruz’s opposition to the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) and a letter to Texas US Senator Cornyn opposing Senate GOP leadership’s intent to fast track the health care bill before explaining it to the American people. See the Cruz Letter here and the Cornyn Letter here.

Writing to both Senators, the Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition stated, “Specifically, we oppose the bill because it does not repeal Obamacare, nor does it significantly reform American health care. Instead, the BCRA bails out insurance companies and actually props up the current system through the next election. It leaves in place heavy-handed federal regulations that have driven up family health insurance premiums by 140 percent since Obamacare was implemented.”

The Coalition cites analyses by Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Tenth Amendment Center Director Chip Roy and Senior Federal Policy Analyst Drew White:

Director Chip Roy, “…Simply put, the bill doubles down on the fundamentally flawed architecture of Obamacare and if implemented, will neither increase the actual care available to the people nor drive down the cost of care or insurance. It maintains Obamacare’s subsidy regime, retains almost the entirety of the regulatory architecture driving up people’s premiums and deductibles, continues the previous Administration’s unconstitutional bailouts to insurers, and maintains the Medicaid expansion for five more years before slowly attempting to reform the program.”

Senior Federal Policy Analyst Drew White, “While many of the Medicaid reforms are welcome, these reforms occur too many years down the line and are far from guaranteed to be implemented. If this bill passes, Obamacare will effectively be permanently enshrined as lawThis is not what Congress has promised the American people and will only pave the way for a government-run, single payer system. The Senate should, simply put, start over.”

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director of Grassroots America and one of the Coalition’s leaders, said, “We strongly support Senator Cruz in his opposition to the current Senate health care bill. We’ve made it clear to both Senators Cruz and Cornyn that we don’t want a health care bill rammed through Pelosi-style, and we expect the Republican leadership to honor their campaign promises to the American people. Obamacare needs to be repealed – period. They need to clear the way to allow better access to health care, reduced health care costs, and reduced health insurance premiums. The heavy-handed federal one-size-fits-all approach has made a complete mess of things. Under ObamaCare, people lost insurance coverage, endure escalating premiums, and many most certainly did not get to keep their preferred doctors. The GOP promised to clean it up, and that’s what we expect them to do – not pass a Republican version of Obamacare and call it done.”

Mayes Middleton Has Announced He Will Challenge Wayne Faircloth for HD 23

Pearland TEA Party Hosts Post Session Wrap-Up

Date/Time: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 @ 6:30pm

Location: Big Horn BBQ 2300 Smith Ranch Rd, Pearland, Texas 77584

Agenda: Scott Apley will name names and talk about the votes taken and those not taken. Great wrap up prior to Special Session which is scheduled to begin July 18, 2017. Tanya Robertson – SREC Committeewoman for SD11 will show how you can be involved in the coming Special Session



Saturday Feb 6 RALLY THE TROOPS block walk for Maria Espinoza Republican for Congress Dist. 7

It’s time to rally the troops for our last block walk before early voting starts! We will have two shifts to accommodate those attending other events on Sat. 2/6. With the morning shift meeting at 8:30am and the afternoon shift meeting at 1:00pm.

We will be meeting at Beans Cafe Coffeehouse 1127 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77077 in the Morning and Cafe Express in the same shopping center for lunch and 2nd leg of walking.

In the mean time, please RSVP at campaign@mariaforamerica with your shirt size. We will also create a log to record votes so you can log your notes while walking. If you do not have a phone or tablet with internet access let us know and we will pair you with someone who does.

Please, let us know by Friday 2/5 if you plan to attend and which leg you will be able to make. Feel free to share with your Friends and family!

Maria Espinoza Republican for Congress District 7

Conservative Leadership….for a change
for Texas’ 7th Congressional District

Career politicians and Washington bureaucrats are leading America in the wrong direction.

We need true conservatives in Congress, people with the boldness to stand for what is right, not just some of the time, but all the time.

That’s Maria Espinoza. 

She’s been a brave voice in the fight against illegal immigration for years.  From the halls of Congress and the Texas state Capitol, to liberal bastions like San Francisco and Boston, Maria has opposed sanctuary cities and taxpayer benefits for illegals.  She’s brought light to the many lives lost at the hands of illegal immigrants. 

For Maria, the rights of American citizens, and the best interests of our country, must always come first.

It’s easy for politicians to espouse conservative values at election time.  But are they conservative when it counts?

John Culberson has been in Washington since 2001.  Fourteen years in Congress is long enough.  He’s been absent in the fight on key issues, like runaway spending and debt, border control and defunding Planned Parenthood.

Culberson has spent virtually his entire adult life in politics, winning election to the Texas State House while he was still a law student, then jumping directly from the Texas Legislature to Congress.  

In Washington, Culberson is now part of the problem, not the solution.

It’s time for new energy, fresh commitment and strong conservative values in our Congressman. 

It’s time for a bold new leader who will fight the tough fights, who will stand up and be counted for our conservative values. 

It’s time to elect Maria Espinoza to Congress.

Maria with capitol1