Lessons on Leadership From Obama’s ‘Operation Martha’s Vineyard’

While I am convinced that the Federal Government is a lost cause at this point I am also a big advocate to continue paying attention to what is happening at that level since it provides significant opportunities for learning from some very bad actors. This week was a very good example of that. And the best example of horrendous Leadership was none other than the current President.

A significant portion of a Political Leaders job is words, imagery, and symbolism. But the job must also be followed up with deeds. This week provided a tragic example of how far we as a nation have strayed from the principle of needing Moral and Virtuous Leaders to maintain our Republic.

Let’s set the stage for the President this week. He spent 3 FULL days of the Presidents limited time on a Summit targeted at meeting with the leaders from Africa to discuss ways the United States could ‘support’ their development. This included all areas such as economics, security, and health.

The very next day he spends less than 20 minutes signing the VA Bill to ‘fix the problems’ that have come to light about the atrocious treatment his administration has been providing for them.

Then over the course of the next two days he provided two different statements and press conferences on what I heard one commentator term ‘Operation Martha’s Vineyard’. His response to the rise of ISIS and the slaughter of ten’s of thousands of innocent Christians.

So what does the symbolism of the first three days tell the American public? First and foremost that the problems of foreign Dictators are incredibly more important than the concerns of the American public or the military veterans. On all fronts the President showed far more concern and deference for foreign Dictators. He provided lavish formal state dinners in their honor, spent significant time listening to their concerns, spent significant time telling the world what he would do for them which really amounted to taking American citizens tax dollars and re-distributing to them.

Then move to the VA Bill to fix the problems his administration promised to fix when he ran for election for his first term. There were no photo op’s with Veterans who he had ignored. No meetings with families of Veterans who had died due to his negligence. Only a brief signing ceremony that culminated in a statement that talked about how much he had already done for veterans and this wasn’t really his fault. So symbolically what does that show about his real concern for the very people that provide the safety and security of our very way of life?

Lastly, the statements on ‘Operation Martha’s Vineyard’. He created the conditions for the slaughter of thousands of Christians by his incompetent foreign policy. So his reaction is very telling. Most of his statement centers on blaming the deaths on Bush, the Iraqi government, and the Iraqi military. Then he says something very telling and repeated it frequently. There will be no American boots on the ground. One must ask themselves who is his intended audience for this repetitive phrase. Clearly he has no regard for the concerns of the American public. So then who? I believe the phrase is intended for the Muslim world. He clearly sympathizes with their barbaric claims of jihad spurred supposedly by our foreign ‘boots on the ground’ of the land of the Muslims. So in the end his statement is intended to reassure the Muslim world that he has no intention of any meaningful intervention to the slaughter of Christians.

In the end we have little control over the Foreign Policy of this criminally incompetent administration but we can learn from the tragedy.

First, it is incumbent on us all to completely educate ourselves to what is going on around us. That means downloading and reading the actual words of politicians. Don’t rely on the media to tell you what they want you to hear. Then ask critical questions about the words. Who is the intended audience? What is the historical context of the words, phrases, and people mentioned? Are the words only symbolic or do the deeds match the words?

Second, when given the chance to question our elected public servants no longer accept the sound bites or clever phrases. Make them answer the hard questions. When they can’t or won’t make it public that their words don’t match their deeds.

To take this to a closer to home issue, I recommend looking at what the State and Local officials are saying vs doing on the border security issues. There are patriots such as Dale and Mary Huls and Dwayne Stovall holding their feet to the fire but they need re-enforcements. And all too often what I hear is apologists. Defending the governor or legislatures in-action and following it up with what do you want them to do. In the end it is simple we want them to uphold their Oath and defend our Natural Rights to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. If they cannot or will not find a way to actually do that then step aside and let someone else who will take the job.

There is also one last part to this citizen participation…..Pray.

God Bless America and Israel,
Jim Logan
Pearland TEA Party Board

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Pedro Rivera supporting Brazoria County Resolution to protect its citizens from illegal immigration 7-22-2014

Prepared Comments for Brazoria County Commissioners


I am Jim Logan. My wife, Carla, and I are Brazoria County residents and taxpayers. My wife is a Naturalized US Citizen. She came here legally from South America and complied with all the laws to become a US Citizen. This is clear proof that I am not opposed to Legal immigration.

(Problem Description)

That being said I want to be clear on what I perceive as one of the greatest threats our county, state, and country is facing in modern times. The Federal Government was established with very limited powers and obligations under the US Constitution. Of primary importance is Article 4 Section 4 which Requires it to secure the border. As of this morning the Federal Government has broken it’s social compact with the states and the citizens of the states by Refusing to perform it’s duties outlined in the the Constitution. Texas’ Southern Border with Mexico for all intent purposes is nonexistent. Since September 11, 2001 neither Republican nor Democrat administrations have complied with their obligation to secure the border. This has culminated in a Federal Executive Branch that is openly stating publicly that it will not enforce the law nor secure the border.

This is resulting in a crisis of catastrophic proportions in three different areas:

1. A Health Crisis on a scale not seen in decades. The Illegal Aliens that are being ‘dumped’ in our community are not being screened for contagious diseases that had been almost eradicated in this country for more than 20 years. These Illegal Aliens are showing up with cases of TB, Scabies, Hepatitis, and perhaps other illnesses as yet undocumented because the Federal Government is also unprepared to process the flow of illegals it has allowed to enter the country. This is infringing on the citizens of this county in clear violations of our rights as LEGAL citizens. First and foremost it is exposing our families lives and our lives to unnecessary illness that we in this country worked aggressively to eradicate. Secondly and no less important is the theft of our property in the form of tax dollars to provide preferential treatment to individuals who came here in clear violation of our laws. These tax dollars were initially ‘allowed’ to be taken in the interest of promoting the general welfare of the county or state. Our low income children and Veterans receive substandard treatment all the while the Federal Government aggressively promotes the welfare of these ILLEGAL aliens.

2. Second is an increase in Criminal activity through the infiltration of Criminal Gang Members such as MS-13 through our borders. It is well documented in the news that these criminal gang members are also present in the group categorized as ‘illegal minors’. The Cartels intentionally send these gang members into these groups to recruit more members and expand their already wide reach in our state.

3. Lastly and perhaps even more troubling is that while the our Border Patrol is busy changing diapers for unaccompanied Illegal Minors foreign Radical Islamist Jihadis are free to cross our border at will and potentially traffic weapons into our country and county. Again it is well documented that items belonging to suspected radicals have been found at the border. Combine this with the fact that it is also well documented that Sweeney, Tx. is home to an organization ‘Jamaat al Fuqua’ which was identified by the DHS in 2005 as a ‘Predicted Sponsor of Future Terrorism in America’ and was convicted in 1993 in Colorado on Weapons charges and fraud. Brazoria County Residents are now squarely in the cross hairs of potential terrorist activities.

(Requested Solution)

Based on the facts and case laid out above I, as a citizen of Brazoria County, respectfully request that the Commissioners of this County do more than just pass a superficial resolution with little actual action associated with it. As men who have sworn an Oath to Defend the citizens of this counties Rights as outlined in both the US Constitution and the State of Texas Constitution, I am requesting that you utilize all County resources at your disposal to accomplish the following:

1. Request that the Sheriff or any appropriate county law enforcement agency in the County stop and turn back all Federal transportation of illegals destined for Brazoria County Detention centers based on Texas State law that prohibits the transportation of anyone suspected of Contagious Illnesses.
2. Use all necessary County resources to demand a detailed account of ALL ILLEGAL Aliens housed in the County of Brazoria. Along with that a clear account of the Federal Governments plans to remove them from our County.
3. Refuse the use of any County Resources to further house any ILLEGAL Aliens in our county. That includes the refusal to place them into the Brazoria County foster care system.
4. Formally Petition all appropriate Texas State Level officials and representatives to immediately seal the border to prevent further infringement on Legal citizens of Brazoria County’s rights.
Petition the appropriate Texas State Level officials to investigate the Compound in Sweeney, Tx. for any fraud related to receipt of State or County funds related to Health or Welfare. (Note: This is how the State of Colorado was able to Indict the same organization in their state to reduce the threat of housing potential Radical Islamist Jihadis within their State)


While I have read accounts that some local level officials have objected to similar requests on the basis that it is not within their prerogative to interfere with the Federal Governments enforcement of Immigration Matters, I submit that is the most flawed objection to action I have ever heard based on two counts.
First when the Federal Government either through incompetence or criminal negligence is unable to protect the rights of our citizens it is then incumbent upon State and Local officials to step up and fulfill their sworn Oath.
The Founders placed particular emphasis on the Oath and the concept of Integrity. Dr. Benjamin Rush defined integrity such:

“By Integrity I mean…veracity [devotion to the truth], fidelity to promises, and strict coincidence between thoughts, words, and actions.”

Second, the Founders of both the United States and the State of Texas believed strongly in a Constitutional Republic as the best method to preserve the Rights of it’s citizens. As such they implicitly believed in a Strong Local Government. This was because they believed it was easier for citizens to get quicker resolution to their problems by petitioning locally elected officials rather than waiting for some distant Federal Bureaucrat to find a solution.

I close with an appeal to the Commissioners Oath and Integrity to fulfill not only with words but actions to maintain the citizens of Brazoria County’s rights in our Constitutional Republic.
May God Bless You and Guide You Actions.
Thank You Very Much.
Jim Logan
Brazoria County Citizen

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